Sanders Fans Make Scene In Neon Green

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#PhillyDNC – See all these seats with white paper on them? Eden McFadden, a California #Bernie delegate, said these seats have been marked “reserved” with the intention to not let “rabble rouser” delegates to return. She further asserts that non-credentialed people were allowed in the convention to fill these seats.

Eden also shows the white noise machines that were put up yesterday to block out anti TPP chants. #StopTPP #DemExit #NoLameDuck #DNC

California Delegates Blocked


PHILADELPHIA — Bernie Sanders’s delegates are making their presence known on the final day of the Democratic National Convention — by wearing can’t-miss neon-green T-shirts.

Backers of the Democratic presidential runner-up have disrupted convention proceedings with protests inside and outside the Wells Fargo Center, charging the Democratic Party did not treat him fairly in his primary fight.

But as Hillary Clinton prepares to take the stage and accept the party’s presidential nomination Thursday, Sanders backers say they want to be seen, but not to make a scene.

“It was something suggested online in a national delegates forum,” said Carol Dorshkind, a California delegate supporting Sanders. “I thought it would be cool to see a whole sea of Bernie supporters.”

“We wanted to have an appreciation for Bernie Sanders in a way that was visible, but respectful of Hillary Clinton,” added Javier Anderson, a New York delegate.

The shirts read “Enough is Enough,” a Sanders campaign slogan, on the front and back, and make clear where the pockets of Sanders’s supporters are scattered throughout the center.

They make an even bigger scene when the lights go out, since they glow in the dark.

Perhaps the only problem? The Sanders folks can be confused easily with convention floor staff, who also are wearing bright yellow vests.

Dorshkind said the idea for the shirts was cooked up “weeks ago” and was not in response to the controversy of the last several days that riled up the Sanders camp.

On Friday, WikiLeaks published internal emails from the Democratic National Committee (DNC) that suggested DNC officials plotted ways to undermine Sanders’s campaign and looked to boost Clinton.

The uproar led to the resignation of the DNC’s head, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and drove protests by Sanders supporters throughout Philadelphia.

Sanders delegates interrupted former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta’s speech on Wednesday night and chanted anti-trade slogans at vice presidential candidate Sen. Tim Kaine (Va.).

Some Sanders supporters have said they will never back Clinton, with some discussing turning to Green Party candidate Jill Stein instead.

But according to Anderson, many of those in the green shirts are ready to join Clinton’s campaign.

“This is not against her at all. This is just saying ‘We’re here, we have a common cause, and we’re ready to win in November,’ ” he said. “We want her to hopefully understand that we’re doing it for him as much as we are doing it for her.”

At the same time, some Sanders supporters are showing they haven’t forgotten the eruptions of the last week. Some of the neon-green shirts are marked with the message “#DNCleaks.”