Saudi Arabia Supports Right To Torture And Kill LGBT People

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Above Photo: The ‘crucifixion’ of 5 beheaded bodies in Saudi Arabia.

The Gulf kingdom, where homosexuality is punishable by beheading, objected to a report by the special rapporteur on torture because extending human rights protections to LGBT people “lacked any ground in international law.”

GENEVA — At the most recent session of the U.N. Human Rights Council, Saudi Arabia objected to a resolution that condemns the use of torture by law enforcement and reaffirms the human rights of LGBT people.

The resolution, passed during the council’s 31st session, which closed on March 24, condemns the use of torture “and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment,” and urges nations to prevent torture by police or during pre-trial detention.

While the report is primarily focused on police and governmental use of torture, it briefly references the latest report by Juan Mendez, the special rapporteur on torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, which was issued during the session.

According to a U.N. press release, Saudi Arabia protested because Mendez’s report “included 65 references to sexual orientation and was an attempt to use the eradication of torture to promote other issues, which lacked any ground in international law.”

In essence, the Gulf kingdom, claiming to be speaking “on behalf of a number of countries,” was concerned that objecting to police torture might also require its own government to advocate for the human rights of LGBT people.

In Saudi Arabia, homosexual behavior is punishable by the death penaltyThree gay men were executed by beheading there in 2002. In July 2014, Saudi Arabia sentenced another gay man to three years imprisonment and 450 lashes for meeting men on Twitter.

Saudi Arabia’s involvement in the Human Rights Council has provoked controversy in the past, especially in September, when the nation was asked to lead the “Consultative Group,” which helps the council appoint human rights experts who serve in a variety of peacekeeping roles around the world. Cables released by WikiLeaks last year revealed that the Saudis made a secret deal with the United Kingdom to ensure their places in the council.

The HRC has affirmed that human rights are universal, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, most recently in a 2014 resolution — a resolution which Saudi Arabia voted against.

Saudi Arabia continues to crack down on LGBT use of social media. According to a March 31 report by Vocativ, the kingdom is considering executing people for “coming out” online.

“The extreme proposal comes amid a reported surge in the number of homosexuality-related crimes being prosecuted in the city of Jeddah, which officials attribute to a growing use of social media among members of the kingdom’s LGBT community,” wrote Shane Dixon Kavanaugh.

Saudi Arabia’s objection to any recognition of LGBT human rights may ultimately be a distraction from the kingdom’s overall fondness for torture in all its forms. Amnesty International’s website declares that “Saudi Arabia has one of the worst human rights records in the world.” In addition to routine use of torture, the NGO also cites “public execution, discrimination, intolerance for free speech, possible war crimes in Yemen,” among many other offenses.

Despite these well-documented violations, Saudi Arabia remains a close ally of the United States. The U.S. continues to arm the Saudi military despite repeated war crimes in Yemen. Few mainstream media sites seemed to take note of the recent crackdown on LGBT social media use, even as similar behavior by terrorist groups like Daesh (an Arabic acronym for the extremist group commonly known in the West as ISIS or ISIL) is widely condemned in the media.

Speaking to Catherine Shakdam in January, investigative journalist Vanessa Beeley said the special treatment afforded to Saudi Arabia “exemplified America’s exceptionalism.”

Shakdam concurred, adding:

“Saudi Arabia’s ‘special friendship’ with the U.S. … has allowed for U.S. officials to pick and choose when to show outrage and when to denounce human rights violations, manipulating international law to the tune of their own political agendas, rather than objectively defending the rule of law.”

  • Robert Hodge

    These are our “allies”?? One has to wonder just who the enemy of “Freedom and Justice” really is….

  • DNeedham

    There are many countries who practice capital punishment for a variety of “crimes”. Whether capital punishment is valid for any crime is debatable. Victimless offences should never attract the death penalty. In any case, the fact that we continue to support Saudi Arabia which might be the most regressive state in the “Middle East” is shameful.

  • DC

    Republicans would be killing LGBT people if they could get away with it.

  • medcannabis1

    The Saudi family has corrupted so many governments with their petro dollars… time to clean the House of Saud and open up RIBS & BBQ joints everywhere in the Kingdom

  • Richard Lefebvre

    Will you tell me why Trudeau sells tanks to this torturing country called Saoudie Arabia ?…because of oil interests ! If i was in his shoes I would have been at least noble in not renewing this arms accord last month. He makes me sick !

  • David Leo

    You sir are a bigoted ass if you believe that.

  • Janah Adam

    I don’t know why the Saudis feel they have to eliminate gays. Homosexuals naturally eliminate themselves due to not being able to procreate. Let nature run its course.

  • Janah Adam

    You speak truth DC. The Republicans are the bigoted asses, not you.

  • Janah Adam

    Trudeau is young, he is following ‘the party line” he’s already receiving enough flack from this country’s bigots for allowing refugees to enter in one of the greatest humanitarian triumphs of our time. My feeling on Trudeau is that he’s kind and he wants to make the world a better place. Give him time.

  • Marc Fogarty

    Simple solution all those countries that believe in universal human rights stop trading with those in the OIC that taint human rights with religious dogma. Any that want to sign onto the universal declaration can be welcomed back into the fold of civilisation.

    Sadly in the past the world has needed the oil from these nations, that need/dependance is being reduced every year as the world moves away from a fossil fuel based economy.

    It is time to stop compromising and equivocating.

  • DC

    David Leo Ted Cruz recently attended a rally with a minister who believes in killing LGBT People. Don your research you bigot.

  • Richard Lefebvre

    Janah Adam, Justin is an infant who was the last choice because Harper and NDP failed to convonce Canadians and all he wants is to stay in power. What happened to those noble Churchhill type of people power politicians who shall never give up ? Give him time is going to take all of us backwards and shall cost us even more pain…just like his father. And how come we have the son of a father…aren’t there anymore noble politicians out there who can act closer to the people ? On top of it, science has overcome the ancient religious outdated doctrines factually…when are we going to tell the religious leaders to prevent another genocide by updating thier testaments ? After all a good leader foresees the future preventively for his followers. We have to seperate religion from governments. Laic rule should be in power not religion….especially not Mohamet.

  • Donald Dufour

    stupid religion….

  • Janah Adam

    Harper was a demagogue. A little Canadian fat-boy Hitler. You say Justin was the last choice, but actually, facts say that by a landslide margin, he was the first choice of Canadians. Respect that and live with it.

    Religion and politics do not good bedfellows make, this is a saying as old as time and I agree. My comment had nothing to do with religion so I fail to see why you thought it pertinent to bring up “Mohamet” (sic).

    Personally, I voted NDP. I didn’t support Trudeau and really wished someone would drop a tactical nuke on that embarrassment Harper. So far, Trudeau has proved pleasantly surprising and internationally our image as Canadians has gotten better with Trudeau. Harper was a slimeball. I hear he’s lecturing Republicans on how to better religiously discriminate in the U.S.

    There goes your argument, dang!


    Get caught up in the negative propaganda. Some backwards inhumane
    crap done by a very very few is practiced every where in the world,
    including America. The average person, Arabian or other wise is
    helpful considerate to others and loyal to neighbors, and they just want
    to live in peace. Negative propaganda campaigns like This, Highlight
    the worst that a very Few have done, and blame it on a nation or
    culture, for the purpose of desensitizing people to the notion of
    invading and conquering / killing them. ( this allows us to invade and
    claim thier resources then control thier economies for Our corporations
    and banks) When that is allowed to happen it is hundreds of thousands if
    not Millions of the Innocent whom suffer.

  • Tor R.C. Ganslandt

    This is hardly a case of natural selection in that sense. If it were, there would be no gay people since the human race is 6.000.000 year old. Do I sense that you have a slight hatred towards the LGBT community or am I putting words in your mouth?

  • Richard Lefebvre

    I voted green for the planet. I am a global citizen. Yes, Trudeau I have to give him his chance so there. Why I did bring religion up is because Trudeau is playing politically correct to get votes from religious communities and it fails to meet the democratic majority of Canadians. Oil for billion $$$ is the only reason why Trudeau resigned the Saoudie Arabian -Canadian weapons contract officially against the International laws. Corruption is not correct, period. My argument stands and it should be a hard decision to stand for Trudeau. That’s noble !

  • kootzie

    It’s not a right – even there
    They are simply executing their access to power – because its 2016 BC

  • Ain’t this information inaccurate (or even wrong)?

    Homophobic laws are a horrible thing. Saudi Arabia’s position on the matter is unacceptable.

    However, it seems to me that this article is misrepresenting their words. By reading the U.N. press release, it does not seems that “Saudi Arabia supports right to torture LGBT people”. (They however support the right to execute them.) In fact, Saudi Arabia simply 1) condemns torture, 2) does not support part of the report of the Special Rapporteur because it seems to push toward pro-LGBT ideas. Saudi Arabia expresses that there is no reason (in its opinion) for rejecting homophobic laws, and reject dissociate from the part of the report that seems to condemn homophobic laws.

    The full paragraph of the U.N. Press Release:

    Saudi Arabia, speaking on behalf of a number of countries in a general comment, said that torture was an act that should not be tolerated. Continuous efforts were being made to prevent the acts of torture. Saudi Arabia, nonetheless, had some serious systemic concerns, including the reference to the report of the Special Rapporteur on torture. The report included 65 references to sexual orientation and was an attempt to use the eradication of torture to promote other issues, which lacked any ground in international law. The draft text did not faithfully reflect the position of the Council towards the report, so the group of countries would dissociate itself from operative paragraph 20.”

  • Richard Lefebvre

    I see your a muslim who found your match on email. One of those who think they know it all. The federal elections were strategique elections to get Harper out period….NDP should have won but he was too close to Harper and the oil lobbyists. So we ended up with the the last choice of Canadians, Trudeau who will put us into dette good time.The planet in March was at it’s hottest ever in a 100 years. The future is in durable energies not oil and that is the route he is taking against the Paris accord of 197 countries. Canadian politics is corrupt as evaluated by UN just behind Russia and Irak. So wake up to reality.

  • Steve

    LOL, Heterosexuals create Homosexuals..if you want to get rid of gays…you’ll need to stop women from getting pregnant..hmmm, I wonder how they could start doing that?

  • BadKitty

    You’re joking, right? Where do you think gay people come from?

  • Janah Adam

    Just sayin’ If they’re left alone with no interference from the outside world that’s fine by me. No hatred inherent, just a healthy disinterest in people’s sexuality. I think that’s one of the major problems with the world. Who gives a shit who does what? It should be private. I don’t hate, I am fully cognizant that homosexuality is a trait that goes back to the dawn of mankind and isn’t a ‘choice’ as so many people seem to think. It can and does represent natural selection in essence though, because nature has decided that the genetic contribution of the homosexual will not be furthered. To me it’s scientific, not religious.

  • Janah Adam

    They come from heterosexuals whose genetic line is selected by nature to end.

  • Janah Adam

    Obviously. Nature works in all kinds of mysterious ways. Basically, from a purely scientific point of view, nature has selected the genetic contribution of heterosexual partner A and heterosexual partner B to be discontinued in the offspring that will not procreate. I think it’s all very natural in fact.

  • Janah Adam

    So I guess the world should stop trading with America?

  • Janah Adam

    Let me correct you sir, I am a Canadian. English by birth and heritage. I am not arab. I didn’t find my match “by email” not even sure what that means. I didn’t even vote for Trudeau, I voted NDP but my religion has nothing to do with politics as well it should be. Religion and politics do not good bedfellows make. Your pointing out my religion seems to indicate that you have a bias regarding Muslims as it has little to no bearing on the conversation at hand.

    Regarding Trudeau though, I was embarrassed at the leadership of this country under Harpo. He was such a dictatorial little prick. I found myself apologizing to foreign relatives for his disastrous turn in office. He damaged our international reputation severely.

    I see Trudeau as making Canada something to be proud to be part of. His youth and vigor are something needed badly in the political landscape — like a JFK in the making. Enough tired old men leading the country back into the Reaganomics era. It’s time to move forward. I now believe that Trudeau is the right choice for that change.

    I am not judging him as so many others. I see him as doing his best. His reputation as a kind leader, a fair leader is trumpeted the world over. Even Americans are like “Dang! You guys give us Cruz and keep that one for yourself?”

    Give him time. That’s what I ask. Oh…..and given the JFK reference — don’t assassinate him either. 😀

  • Richard Lefebvre

    You are getting warmer. Don’t forget the root of this conversation…Homophobic law in Saoudie Aradia where they kill good people on account of stupide muslim doctrines that have not evolved over time ! Forget your cute little dummy Trudeau, we are seriously talking about today’s immoral governments. Can’t you understand how bad that is ? So upgrade your JFK argument and Cruz cuty pie comparison…and get into truthful, useful, productive action for the planet before it’s too late.

  • Janah Adam

    You are getting warmer………to sounding like a member of the conspiracy club lunatic fringe.

    Here’s a path for you to mosey on down.

    It’s not Islam that’s the enemy. It’s not Muslims pulling the strings. Behind every crooked dictator, behind every false flag attack lies the only force in the world to benefit from the discord.

    Muslims sure as hell don’t benefit from each new attack, so it’s not us.

    Green Earthers don’t benefit from each new attack, so it’s not them.

    Use your noodle and see the obvious. Each new event that spawns a rise in Islamophobia benefits who?

    Go on…….think hard……I’m sure the answer will come to you?

    Each new Middle Eastern country that descends into chaos as legitimate leaders are forcibly outed and puppets put in their place….each country that dissolves into civil war, strife and murder…who does it benefit?

    What country, hand fed by the U.S., created by the U.K. and guilty of every single war crime imaginable whilst the international community looks on and says “Geez, that’s really too bad” benefits

    Only one.

    The 1% controls us, the people and our opinions but who controls the 1%??

    The 1% don’t see climate change as an issue, bring it on they say…. it will bring about the end of the world, the coming of the Messiah and a time where all other religions will be enslaved to it.

    Did you guess yet?

    Members of this “club” own the world because they own the world’s banks.

    Open your eyes buddy, before it’s too late.

    Rothschild Zionism is what’s wrong with this world and nothing gets better until there is a revolution.

  • Richard Lefebvre

    You are getting off the subject again. The scientific community has already identified the 1 % a long long time ago, and had given a written letter to all those leaders of the world where we are going….our end.
    Now, that my eyes have been open for a long long time, the root of this discussion is once again the stupide muslims who have performed in the name of allah over 28,000 attacks on innocent victims and homosexuals. Do look at yourself before you point a finger of your hand to me, as the three other fingers point to you ! History repeating itself. Equality, liberty and freedom from the muslim brothers is essential in Egypt who torture and will never gain thier democracy as wished by the people. In Gambie, the president has declared his country Islamic state and the charia is applied….even to those who are not religious muslims. What the hell is that ? Where are you on this planet ? Lost in your outdated muslim convictions. president Poutine may just bring those Arab states back to the time they lived in primitive tents in the dessert if they continue to support terrorism…got it ?

  • Janah Adam

    Once again, and you really need to heed this; The Muslims are the scapegoats of the Zionist regime. False flag attacks are real. ISIS has as little to do with Islam as Zionism has to do with Judaism and Westborough Park Baptist nutballs have to do with Christianity.

    My convictions are the convictions of a citizen of earth.

    While not a huge fan of Sharia law, there are elements of it that are and remain the basis for modern Western law structures. The U.S. Supreme Court has even honored Prophet Mohammed as one of the greatest lawgivers of all time.

    Your description of Muslims falls desperately short of the mark and reads like the big book of Hasbara Trolling. You have drunk the kool-aid.

    Let me be clear, I was once like you. I too thought my eyes were open, but they were not. I hated Muslims along with the rest of the world.

    Something my father said to me as a child reverberated and it was this: “We hate what we fear and we fear what we don’t understand” That being the case, I decided to understand Islam.

    Firstly, observing those Muslims who I worked with or interacted with, I noticed no strange, violent tendencies. No hatred and no war-mongering.What I did see was warmth, love and respect.

    Next step: read the Quran.

    Okay, so now things were getting interesting. More than half the information that i was fed my whole life was untrue. Those passages that did seem violent really just echoed the same exact passages in the Christian bible.

    In fact, the bible is inherently MORE violent than the Quran by some 200%.

    I would suggest, sir, that you do as I did and learn. If you have true understanding, your fear will lessen, the propaganda you’ve been fed your whole life will dissipate and understanding will bloom.

    Islam is the religion of peace. The only religion that is inclusive regardless of race, where all men are equal under God. Views on feminism aside, the rules of Islam are there to protect, enshrine and place women on a pedestal.

    As a westerner myself, I didn’t understand that until I married my husband, a lawyer of Egyptian extraction, the son of an Imam and the very best, kindest and most loving and romantic man I have ever met besides my own father who loved my mother until the day he died.

    Islam is deliberately being groomed as the ‘bad guy’ but like papa always used to say, if the government forces you to watch the left hand, watch the right. The movement to demonize Muslims is to keep us from knowing the truth of the global community and who runs it.

    The Arab states sit on the greatest natural reserves of gas and oil on the planet. I hope you are wise enough to see the point. The west wants control of that and the only way to do so is to make villains of Muslims so that they can invade, bomb the crap out of women and children and call themselves justified in the eyes of the people.

    I wish you peace, but mostly I wish you enlightenment.

  • Janah Adam

    PS: How many members of the Muslim Brotherhood do you know? They were and are a peaceful, respectful community. The media campaign against them was instigated by the coup masterminds, the betrayers who are currently selling parts of Egypt — the birthright of all Egyptians — to the Saudis. Even Mubarak wasn’t that stupid.

    If you want to school me on the events in Egypt, you’d have to go a long way. I’ve lived it, I’ve witnessed the evil of the Sisi regime. Oh and by the way — Sisi’s mother was a Moroccan Jew, he is in the employ of Israel. Now that he has the Egyptian people turning on him, Israel will cut him loose and let him meet his fate.

    God willing, he will be hung in the middle of Tahrir Square — on a 2 mile long red carpet designed for his cars while Egyptians starve.

  • Richard Lefebvre

    I studied the glorious Coran and had the chance to compare it to the Bible at University level ; so there goes your speech above, dang ! The Policeman in your outdated book is a punishing one, dang. You like to live here ?..then protect what our forefathers have died for after 2 world wars fighting dictators like those in Syria and Irak and Egypte. Sorry for the inconvenience, but you have been brainwashed. Mohamet was a pedophile and you know it. Marriages are set up with 9 year old girls with 55 year old horny muslims. It takes 2 women to make the level of thought of a man and the list goes on and on how ridiculous crimes of honor are. On top of it, they promise there is life after death with beautiful women waiting for a muslim martyr ?!!! You are sure you know what yopu’re talking about when you see conspiracies everywhere from the western countries ? Sorry but I think you are dreaming and not politically correct period. So far you do not answer the basis of our conversation.

  • Janah Adam

    not really Richard. If you’d studied it at University level as you claim, I can remain reasonably certain you would be able to spell it. The crux of what you’re writing is utter propagandist bullshit. They are the usual suspects when it comes to trying to defame something that is beyond your limited comprehension. I cannot answer the “basis of our conversation” because you flip around like Hillary Clinton on subject matter. I’m far more politically correct than you are my fine bigot. At least my eyes are open.

  • Janah Adam

    Oh PS: Having studied the Bible, the Quran and the Torah, your argument is easily disproved. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so here’s a picture proving once again you are either mistaken through indoctrination or just a big fat pants on fire liar. 😛 Thanks for coming out though, if I were you, I’d be suing the University you claim to have attended. Your language skills are quite impossible!

    As for me ‘remaining in this country’ who the hell do you think you are? I am Canadian. Always have been. You are not some white people Messiah, self-appointed racist guardian of the Great White North.

    You have as much right to be here as I do — which if you listen to the native people of our country is actually zero.

    Yer talkin’ out yer arse mate. Get it together.

  • Richard Lefebvre

    You deny my truthfulness. If that is all you have to say, I am a qualified physicist who believes in the evolution of the Universe over 13.7 billion years. This fact should have changed this religious documentation of yours but of course with science deniers like you, doesn’t make sense to explain anything….you’re too limited in scope to understand any elevated discussion. So stick your tiny dogmatic comprehension of muslim interpretation somewhere where it belongs… the garbage can. Your Haddith too, heh.

  • Richard Lefebvre

    You think I going to buy this picture as if it was the absolute truth, heh. You gotta be kidding me. OK, Religion doesn’t have anything to do with running a government. Where are you taking this subject ? Like I said before case closed you’re out of scope.

  • Janah Adam

    I am not denying your truthfulness, were there any to find, I’d be all over it. What I’m avoiding dear Physicist who for some reason can’t spell items that he claims to have studied — is your inherent ignorance.

    You also seem to have a problem with grammar. Not knowing the difference between ‘to’ and ‘too’ is a dead giveaway for a sub-standard high-school education.

    You can bleat and you can bleat as much as you want, but in the end you’re still just a sheep to me.

  • Janah Adam

    Oh PS; I also believe in evolution as some 75% of Muslims do. I don’t believe evolution disproves God, it just proves the existence of a Creator who started the whole thing with His own divine plan in mind.

    You can be religious and also progressive. It’s not against the rules.

    I’m a free-thinking Mensa-classed genius. Might I suggest you are far, far out of your depth?

    Oh wait………I just did. 😛

  • Janah Adam

    You are aware, of course Mr. University educated Physicist that a ‘dessert’ is something you eat after a meal, right?

    President Poutine? LMAO! Poutine is also something you eat. Are you hungry? Pavlovian response much?

    I believe you meant Putin.

    There goes your world class education and every stumblebutt argument you make. You are outmatched in every way.

    That really bugs you too, eh? Not only am I Muslim, I’m a woman.

    PS: Don’t get me started on other grammar errors proliferating your thesis there Einstein. I feel like I’m marking University papers all over again.