#SaveThePostOffice Call-In Day! Wednesday, August 26

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Following the National Day of Action, Wednesday, August 26 will be a national call-in day to push the Senate to save the US Postal Service.

 Call (928) 236-2402 to reach your Senators.

Tell your Senators to fully fund the US Postal Service and restore it by reopening closed branches, returning equipment and street mailboxes, and rehiring workers who were lost due to cuts.

Here are some points you might want to make:

  • The US Postal Service is a public service that predates the Constitution and is protected in the Constitution. It is the only mail service that is required to reach every person no matter where they live.
  • The US Postal Service must be fully functioning for the November election so that people don’t have to risk their health to vote during a pandemic.
  • People rely on the US Postal Service to pay their bills, especially in rural areas without internet, and to get necessities such as medications and income support such as Social Security.
  • The US Postal Service provides high-quality jobs and is one of the largest employers of Black people in the United States.
  • Privatizing the US Postal Service will make it less dependable, more expensive and discriminatory against people who live in rural areas, where it isn’t profitable to deliver.

Call (928) 236-2402 to reach your Senators.


Since the Coronavirus crisis hit, USPS has become more essential than ever, from delivering life-saving medicine, to sustaining our democracy through mail-in voting. It has also become more endangered than ever, facing a massive budget crisis. Postal workers and the public are united in urging Congress to pass $25 billion in emergency COVID-related relief for USPS.

Through mass public outcry, we’ve begun to roll back Trump’s new appointee Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s most recent plans to reduce service. We need to keep pushing for the $25 billion dollars in funding the USPS desperately needs.

We depend on the mail more than ever – to vote, to get our medicine, to get paid and pay our bills, to run our businesses, and to keep rural America connected. It’s our Constitutional right. 

The public and the APWU members who serve us every day have three immediate demands of our elected officials and of Postmaster General DeJoy:

  • Provide at least $25 billion in immediate support for the Postal Service
  • Stop the mail slowdown policies introduced by Postmaster General DeJoy
  • Ensure public confidence in voting-by-mail by providing the resources for the most timely delivery of election mail possible.

Read more about the long term bipartisan attack on the Post Office and what we need to strengthen it in “Protect the Vote and End Privatization of the Postal Service.”

Call (928) 236-2402 to reach your Senators.