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Saving Julian Assange, With John Shipton And Kevin Gosztola

In this episode of Behind The Headlines, Lee Camp focuses on the campaign to save Julian Assange from the clutches of the U.S. national security state.

He first shares a stage with Assange’s father, John Shipton, then speaks with investigative journalist Kevin Gosztola.

Shipton has been on a mission to secure his son’s freedom for many years now. Assange is currently serving a sentence in a U.K. prison for skipping bail, and is facing extradition to the United States, where he could potentially be sentenced to life in prison for his role in Wikileaks’ publishing of classified documents. Shipton has traveled all over the world, speaking out against the treatment of his son and calling for his release. He has argued that Assange’s prosecution is a threat to press freedom and that he is being targeted for exposing the misconduct of governments and powerful organizations.

Shipton’s efforts have gained widespread support from a wide range of organizations and individuals, including human rights groups and high-profile figures like Noam Chomsky and Pamela Anderson. Many believe that Assange is being unfairly targeted for his work as a journalist, and that his prosecution sets a dangerous precedent for press freedom. They argue that he is being punished for exposing the truth and for bringing to light important information that the public has a right to know.

Shipton has faced many challenges in his campaign to free his son. He has been attacked by those who view Assange as a criminal or a threat to national security. He has also had to contend with the difficulties of navigating complex legal systems and dealing with the stresses of the long and uncertain process of trying to secure his son’s release.

Despite these challenges, he remains determined to fight for Julian’s freedom and for the principle of a free and independent press. He has shown great resilience and perseverance in the face of adversity, and has remained dedicated to his cause. His efforts have brought much-needed attention to the case and have helped to keep the issue in the public eye.

Shipton’s campaign has also shed light on the broader issue of press freedom and the importance of protecting the rights of journalists to report the truth without fear of retribution. His efforts have inspired many people around the world who believe in the importance of a free and independent press and who support the right of journalists to expose the misconduct of those in power.

Kevin Gosztola is an American investigative journalist who specializes in covering the national security state, whistleblowers, and civil liberties. He is the managing editor of Shadowproof, hosts the Unauthorized Disclosure podcast with Rania Khalek, and has written for outlets such as The NationSalon and OpEdNews.

He has closely followed the legal proceedings around Assange. Today, he noted that, five years ago, British authorities charged Assange and issued an international arrest warrant because they learned that Ecuadorian authorities were readying a plan to give him a diplomatic position and help him escape to South America. Gosztola denounced the “legal limbo” that Assange has been put in, describing the entire affair as a deliberate “punishment by process”.

“People always say it will be unprecedented if Julian Assange is put on trial in the United States. But a precedent has already been set; there has already been an example established for what can be done to a person through the way that Julian Assange has been targeted,” he added.

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