Scapegoating Unions For The Postal Service’s Phony Crisis

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Above Photo: MTOWN JAYHAWK/Flickr

At a recent Senate hearing, some officials attempted to divert attention from the real cause of post office financial losses by blaming worker rights.

  • Infarction

    Look for the reactionaries in the two-party dictatorship to begin demonizing postal workers just as they did to the Wisconsin teachers when the Koch brothers darling Scott Walker was governor. They endless labeled teachers as privileged leaches that were sucking the very blood out of workers marrow. Meanwhile, the dupes with critical-thinking skill deficits were suckered into blaming the teachers instead of asking why they could not enjoy the same benefits that teachers held.

  • rgaura

    The rule of the realtors. Gorgeous buildings, old post offices have been turned over to developers. Diane Feinstein´s husband has made bank off of this. Its been a long term bipartisan attack on civil infrastructure and good federal jobs.

  • At every turn, conservatism reveals the true color of it’s authoritarian attempts towards a final anti-democracy solution. Conservatism is against the rights of all people who do not have the money and power to oppress the weak and defenseless people of the world. the major tool of this oppressive political philosophy is Capitalism, which makes slaves of anyone who labors for a living.

  • The post office was deemed such a public good that it is the only business mandated by the US Constitution.

  • The demonization of the US population is the final straw (I hope) that will foment a political revolution by the sleeping voters. Unfortunately, my personal experience with my local Democratic Party has shown me that the political party system consists of the deaf and “top-down” fundraising mandates of the State party leadership.

    There is no attempt to listen to the opinions of the voters. Voters are mere pawns to be manipulated and conned into voting for the choices of party-selected candidates, and every party member is expected to vote the party line as a show of political purity. It is time to mount primary opposition candidates for every elected official. The political parties must be crushed!

    The party system is the signature form of the suppression of democracy at every level of government.