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I Love Mountains March In Kentucky

They listened as Sister Claire McGowan, a Dominican Sister of Peace from the St. Catherine Community in Springfield, told the crowd of her and other’s efforts to fight a proposed pipeline to carry natural gas liquids from Pennsylvania and Ohio through parts of Kentucky. They heard songs by David and Phoebe Waggoner, Randy Wilson and nuns from the Loretto, Dominican and Charity women religious communities, all of whom have opposed the pipeline. And they heard from Teri Blanton, of the Kentuckians for the Commonwealth, who has been a tireless advocate for cleaning up the waterways of eastern Kentucky polluted by mining runoff from mountaintop removal sites. But as coal’s fortunes have declined recently, the “I Love Mountains Day” also took on a slightly different tone, turning more attention to other environmental issues like the pipeline than in previous years.

“Rise Up And Defend Your Home”: An Interview With Scott Parkin

Mountaintop removal mining, Coal export, Natural Gas Fracking, Tar sands and the KeystoneXL pipeline are just a few examples of the fossil fuel threats to our climate and to local communities who are situated close to coalmines or fracking sites. Rising Tide North America is a grassroots network of groups and individuals in North America organizing action against the root causes of climate change. They stand at the frontline with local communities to address those who are most responsible for the climate crisis. One of RT founding principles is the belief that solutions to climate-injustice must be community based and should not rely on capitalist or corporate government efforts. The heart of Rising Tide is made up of over 50 local groups and local contacts throughout North America. These groups support frontline communities with direct action as the antidote to despair and aim to change the conversation and behavior.

Mass Incarceration: “The Pen in the Prison State”

There are subjects that break my heart and pull my pen toward them like gravity. The prison system is one of them. As a social protest novelist, I took my first novel, Steam Drills, Treadmills, and Shooting Stars, into the human impact of high incarceration rates and the policy effects of the private prison industry's lobbying. Acknowledging the depth of suffering in the issues I explore in my novels alters the landscape of my soul. Learning about mountaintop removal, drone strikes, poverty, and prisons changes me irrevocably. After researching both the facts and the human truths, a pit remains inside me, a bombed out village, a mother crying over her child's body, and millions of faces behind bars, watching me with burning eyes.

Mike Roselle Arrested For Asking Governor To Test Coal Dust

Mike was in his 6th day of a hunger strike and vigil at the WV State Capitol. After repeated attempts to deliver these jars of dust at the Capitol, Mike hand delivered it to the Governors’ residence on Thanksgiving Day. Studies have shown that this dust is toxic and it blankets nearby homes. These toxins are causing very serious health implications and ultimately an early death for us all. Every day more than 5 million pounds of explosives are detonated in WV and KY. There is currently a bill, HR526, the Appalachian Community Health Emergency Act (ACHE Act), that can end mountaintop removal. When this bill is passed it will save countless lives. This house bill currently has 45 co-sponsors. Mike Roselle and Climate Ground Zero is helping to support the work of numerous local community members and local organizations to pass HR526 and END these very real caused health problems we are seeing. Sitting idly by as communities and people die is not something anyone should be willing to do.

Day 3 Of The Climate Ground Zero Coal Dust Vigil

It’s dark, it’s cold, it’s snowy. Climate Ground Zero Director Mike Roselle leans down to place a jar of blasting dust at the base of the Liberty Bell replica on the steps to the capitol of West Virginia, Charleston. Roselle and his long-time activist friend, James Guinness McGuinness are on day 3 of their vigil as they wait for the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection to analyze and report the contents of blasting dust Roselle and his team collected at Hell’s Gate. “We have no intention of leaving until WV DEP tests the blasting dust and reports to residents exactly what is raining down on them, their children, gardens, homes, and property,” said Roselle. On November 27th, at 6:30 PM, Climate Ground Zero Director Mike Roselle delivered a jar of blasting dust collected while trespassing at Hells Gate on the Progress mountaintop removal mine site. The blasting dust was deposited at the replica of the Liberty Bell on the steps of the West Virginia State Capitol in Charleston. This jar of dust is toxic, is a violation of the littering law, is also a danger to human health, and should be considered hazardous waste.
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