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Earth Quaker Action Team Models Rapid-Fire Escalation At Power Shift

"The young climate activists who gather in Pittsburgh, Pa. this weekend for the Power Shift 2013 conference won’t have to wait long to get back on the streets and take action. On Monday, Oct. 21, Earth Quaker Action Team plans to lead the biggest bank branch action in history. Starting with relatively calm silent occupations at several Pittsburgh PNC branches, then disrupting the bank’s lunchtime business around town before an action where some will risk arrest, the day will mark another step in Earth Quaker Action Team’s escalating campaign to get PNC to stop financing mountaintop removal coal mining. It will also serve as a model of rapid-fire escalation for youth at Power Shift. Earth Quaker Action Team, or EQAT (pronounced “equate”), was founded on a belief that to win a just and sustainable economy will require smart strategy. "

Mountain Justice Spring Break

Mountain Justice Spring Break. Register Now for Mountain Justice Spring Break 2014 Sunday March 9 - Sunday March 16 2013 in Northern West Virginia Come to the beautiful mountains of West Virginia for your Spring Break! Learn about the dirty, destructive, dangerous life-cycles of coal, natural gas, and nuclear energy. Stand in solidarity with the communities in Virginia, West Virginia, SW Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee facing the ongoing destruction of coal mining, hydraulic fracturing, and nuclear energy! See mountaintop removal coal mining and natural gas extraction via hydraulic fracturing up close! Take direct action to end the reign of King Coal!

Carbon-Free Nuclear-Free Energy Economy Is Inevitable

The impossible has become inevitable. A carbon-free, nuclear-free energy economy is our future. Despite the energy industry's hard work to keep energy dirty and damaging, the future will be clean and sustainable. Government is not leading the way. The new energy revolution is coming from the ground up, not the top down. The United States and world face a series of interconnected crises: climate change caused by carbon-based energies like oil and methane gas; a shrinking supply of carbon fuel that has led to wars for oil and extreme extraction methods using tar sands, hydro-fracking, mountaintop removal and deep off-shore drilling; and proliferation of nuclear weapons of mass destruction and long-term environmental damage from the production of nuclear energy.

President Obama’s Climate Action Plan: Not Even Close

In June, after more than five years as president, President Obama finally proposed a climate action plan for America. True to form, the president gave an eloquent speech, with strong words for those still in denial about the severity of the crisis we face: “We don’t have time for a meeting of the Flat Earth Society.” Unfortunately for all of us, the blueprint he presented is more PR than plan, and has zero chance of stabilizing the climate. To the contrary, it promises even more climate chaos by promoting fracking, mountaintop removal coal mining, offshore and Arctic oil drilling and tar sands exploitation. It also threatens future generations with the specter of more radioactive nuclear power.

Fossil Fuels’ Deadly Summer and the Growing Resistance

This much we know: The fossil fuels that power our economy take their toll, on workers, on the environment, and on those who live near areas of extraction, transportation, processing, and burning—which, these days, is a whole lot of people. We have all the science we need to know that the effects will be long-term. We’re locking ourselves into a future of climate changes that are shaping up to be catastrophic. Already we’re seeing increasing frequency and severity of extreme weather, including heat waves, floods, drought, and hurricanes. Dozens of grassroots groups have organized under the banner of Fearless Summer and’s Summer Heat, to stage protests in their communities calling for a national movement against extreme energy, like fracking, tar sands mining and mountaintop removal mining.
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