Secret Reason We’ve Invaded Iraq, Libya & Soon Iran

| Resistance Report

Above Photo: By David Solnit. Art, Puppetry, Music And Performance Bring Jack London’s ‘The Iron Heel’ To Life. From CreativeResistance.Org


If Donald Trump’s recent threat of military action against Iran sounds familiar to you, then It should. Democrats in Congress already beat him to it before Trump’s tiny hands could even grace the bible at his swearing-in ceremony. How did they do this? By creating a resolution in January to threaten military action against Iran if they tried to obtain nuclear weapons. Unfortunately, what’s being touted as a move for U.S. safety and security is starting to sound eerily similar to the threat to invade a country to find deadly weapons that turned out to never exist (think Iraq). So what’s the REAL reason behind this threat of military action? All signs seem to point both underground and in America’s wallets. Redacted Tonight host Lee Camp digs deep into the economic motivations behind waging war in the latest episode.

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