Sen Warren Protested For Support For Israeli Bombing Of Hospitals And Schools

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Above: CODE PINK sit-in at Senator Warren’s office, viewed from the hallway at the Senate’s Hart Office Building. All photos by Ted Majdosz. 

CODE PINK Holds Sit-In At Senator Warrnen’s DC Office

CODE PINK sit-in at Senator Warren's office 2
On September 9, 2014, CODE PINK held a sit-in in Senator Elizabeth Warren’s (D-MA) office in Washington, DC protesting her support for the bombing of schools and hospitals and refusal to criticize Israel.

CODE PINK sit-in at Senator Warren's office

“Why is Senator Warren, who stands up for the ‘little guy’ in the face of big banks and corrupt corporations in America, siding with big bully Israel?”, asked CODEPINK cofounder Medea Benjamin. “We’re here to tell Senator Warren and her staff that it is never acceptable to bomb schools and hospitals.”

CODE PINK sit-in at Senator Warren's office 5

Senator Warren initially ran from people who asked her views on Israel when it was slaughtering defenseless Palestinians living in the outdoor prison of Gaza.

CODE PINK sit-in at Senator Warren's office 9


She then went on to vote with other senators to support Israel in a resolution.

CODE PINK sit-in at Senator Warren's office 7

And, at a town hall meeting in Massachusetts when she was asked about the Israeli bombing of Gaza and whether the killing of civilians by Israel was acceptable she defending the bombing of schools and hospitals repeating Israeli talking points when “rocket launchers [are] next to hospitals, next to schools, they’re using their civilian population to protect their military assets.”

CODE PINK sit-in at Senator Warren's office 4

She explained: “America has a very special relationship with Israel. . . And we very much need an ally in that part of the world.” Warren also said she thought it would be going to far to condition US funding on Israel stopping the expansion of settlements, illegal under international law, on Palestinian lands.

CODE PINK sit-in at Senator Warren's office 10



  • Melvyn Greene

    “Profesora” Warren needed to be schooled on this issue.

  • Rishicash

    The title is intentionally misleading and is biased. The bill wasn’t for “bombing hospitals and schools”. Try to be somewhat professional.

  • Margaret Flowers

    If you read further down you will find that Sen. Warren defended the bombing of hospitals and schools in her public statements.

  • Rishicash

    I did read it. Her vote was for a bigger picture. Do you really think Elizabeth supports murdering innocent hospital patients and children? What’s next? Comparing her to Hitler?

    Btw…I don’t support her stand on this either. I’m just calling out this biased and intentionally misleading “journalism”. This is the sort of thing I expect from Fox News.

  • kevinzeese

    The headline is not about her vote it is about her comments at a town hall meeting where she justified bombing schools and hospitals. She expressed support for Israel bombing these civilian targets and that is what led to the protest. I know it is hard for fans of Warren to accept that she took this view but she did and this article provides links to her comments.

  • Rishicash

    I don’t disagree with what you say about her except I don’t believe that she or any other American would support the intentional and direct bombing of hospitals and schools. Think about it, that would be indefensible political suicide and EW is anything but stupid. There is a difference between intentional target bombing and collateral damage. Who but ISIS and their ilk would want to intentionally kill sick people and children?

  • kevinzeese

    Read her comments. She certainly defends Israel targeting schools and hospitals. That was the central point she made at the town meeting in Massachusetts. Is “defending” different from “supporting” the bombing of such places? I don’t see much difference, maybe you do.

  • rgaura

    Elizabeth Warren is a specialist. She´s pretty good on financial issues, if all you want to do is go back to a less exploitative system. I support her on those issues. Barry should have appointed her to regulate, which is something she understands well. Most Senators have swallowed the Zionist propaganda narrative which has been carefully developed for 70 years. In fact, she voted to give loads of ammunition and weaponry to a rogue state while they were engaged in war crimes and crimes against humanity. Every single one of those senators has blood on their hands and should not be reelected.

  • palsimon

    No candidate that supports Israel can get my support. Good bye Elizabeth Warren and all the rest of the candidates,including Bernie Sanders and all from one side of aisle to the other….

  • kevinzeese

    That’s right, rgaura, Warren should stay in the senate and build her reputation as someone who challenges Wall Street. She is much more valuable as a specialist in that area then she would be as president. And, she is much more able. She needs to get even more radical on those issues but she is moving in the right direction.

  • cruisersailor

    Shame on Senator Warren for supporting Israel’s bombing of Gaza.

  • NOTgaltHouse

    Israel is not an “ally” of the us; they are our masters.

  • Bruce 7

    What in God’s name! Is there any Senators or politicians that I can like? What the Hell Is this Israel loving shit about any way. Is God coming back to Israel so everybody aids and abets them in murder and mayhem and gives them nukes etc. I don’t think God would want to come back to a precious little evil Israel

  • rgaura

    Code Pink is doing the right thing. We need to educate, and develop an honest narrative, an historically accurate narrative about the Zionist reality. Sad to say, but the buck stops with the US government, due to their overwhelming support of illegal policies both in Egypt and Israel. No aid, no arms to Israel or Egypt is the only moral position at this point.

  • General Urko

    What iz dat crap. A free date. Any ones will tells you dat izreal iz a terroist state. It is da creation of da debbil. dere aint nuttin to protest. Ifin you donts noze it, you nebber will

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