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Senate Shreds Constitution To Advance Nominee

A quick update on the Barron nomination:

CODEPINK and others have long been working hard to block David Barron’s nomination to the First Circuit Court, just one step below the Supreme Court, because of memos he wrote that show a clear disrespect for the Bill of Rights and the rule of law (see another link at bottom, article by Medea Benjamin). Like Brennan and Jeh Johnson, Barron has written legal “justifications” for drone assassinations, including the killing of US citizens without charge or trial.

This afternoon, without a quorum present, the Senate voted (closure) to advance  Barron’s nomination WITHOUT DEBATE. Only 2 Senators tried to discuss relevant, issues, like due process and Constitutional rights; both were Republicans. 

Each senator takes an oath to protect and defend the Constitution. Partisanship seems obvious when no Democrats have spoken out against the administration’s shredding of that Constitution, whether through executive assassinations (by drone, JSOC, cruise missile, or other means), or unlawful NSA surveillance, or the NDAA, “Patriot” Act, etc.

David Barron does not deserve to be a judge: he has shown no understanding of due  process, and particularly the 4th and 5th Amendments.

The final vote on Barron is scheduled for tomorrow. PLEASE call your senators and tell them to honor their oath to defend the Constitution by saying “no” to this judicial appointment.

Let’s tell the administration that we-the-people object to the policy of “Kill kids and civilians, get promoted.” Let’s make some noise and at least try to derail this ill-considered appointment. Thank you.

P.S. Remember to scroll to the bottom for an article by Medea Benjamin on this topic. As some of you know, Jodie Evans delivered a letter to Barron’s home in Cambridge, on May 10, asking him to withdraw his name from consideration; available on request.


While David Barron was a lawyer at the Justice Department, he authored secret legal memos approving drone strikes, including the one that provided the legal basis for the killing of a US citizen.

Now, Barron has been nominated to the 1st Circuit Court of Appeals, a high-ranking judgeship position –– for life. Contact your Senators now and tell them to vote “No” to the nomination of David Barron and make the drone memos made available to the public.

It’s disturbing that the man responsible for legally authorizing the assassination of a US citizen overseas is now being considered for the Court of Appeals. The American public deserves to know the legal basis for being put on the administration’s “Kill List.” Could you be on that list?

The Senate is scheduled to vote on Barron onThursday, May 22Unless they reach a filibuster-proof majority, Senator Rand Paul has said he will filibuster. Help expose the truth about drone lawyer Barron beforeThursday by using these sample tweets!

It’s time for more transparency so we know what is being done in our name. Tell your Senators to vote against David Barron and make the drone memos public now. 

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