Seven Amazing Overpass Light Brigade Videos

| Resist!

**Staff note: As usual, the best is last. Check out the New Year’s video.**

One of the coolest sights on a nighttime highway is a Light Brigade message. And the only thing better than stumbling across one of the guerilla grassroots network’s “bridge actions” is seeing it unfold in time-lapse video. Here are seven of our favorites by Dusan Harminc, who has spent some quality time documenting the actions of the Milwaukee-based Overpass Light Brigade (OLB).

1. Open Letter on Keystone XL to President Obama

President Obama will soon decide whether to permit construction of the notorious Keystone XL pipeline. In this open letter, OLB urges him to protect our climate by halting the project.

2. Shining a Light on Corporate Tax Evaders

Remember the 1980s video game Space Invaders? It was fun – unlike corporate tax invaders. In this tax-day video, OLB has a little fun of its own.

3. NSA Domestic Spying

When Edward Snowden revealed the extent of NSA’s domestic spying programs, OLB leapt into action.

4. Fighting Mining During a Wisconsin Blizzard

Blizzard conditions made for this cold—but eerily beautiful—message at the Wisconsin State Capitol. With Governor Scott Walker and his allies pushing a bill that would pave the way for a massive strip mine in the northern part of the state, OLB turned out in force. They were joined by members of the Bad River Tribe, whose home and traditional way of life are threatened by the project.

5. Round Dance Against Iron Strip Mine

The Bad River Tribe is fighting the construction of a massive iron ore strip mine at the headwaters of their reservation. The group Idle No More organized a round dance at the Lac Courtes Orielle Casino and Resort in support of the tribe, and asked OLB to help shine a light on their struggle.

6. A Stand Against Climate Change

When Bill McKibben and his “Do the Math” tour reached Madison, many local people concerned about climate change turned out for the event. OLB greeted them with this message.

7. A 2014 New Year’s Resolution

OLB released this video a few days ago describing their hopes and wishes for the New Year.