Sharks, Wardrobes, And Crypto VS The Prison Industrial Complex

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Stranger Than Fiction Headlines from the Front Lines. First up, are you on the WARdrobe watch list? And I do mean WAR drobe. And thanks to this new military program, sharks may soon be getting laser beams. Catholics fill baby bottles with their own blood and walk onto a nuclear arms base. Like Exxon, Shell knew too, and finally the resistance is spreading. Teacher strikes and tree-sits loudly call for a system that puts people and planet over profit.

Finally, cryptocurrencies are often used to talk about personal economic gain. But what if we could use them as a tactic? Grayson Earle is a technologist and activist who doesn’t think very highly of capitalism – and he has no illusions about crypto’s potential for enriching the already rich. That being said, this decentralized, blockchained monetary system leaves the door open for new innovation. In this case, Grayson’s created an app that uses crypto to battle the prison industrial complex. And the best part about it: you can easily download it and join the fight.