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Show Support For Activist Shot In Hate Crime

Above photo: Jacob Johns with his daughter.

Many in our Backbone community know Jacob Johns, climate activist, artist, dad. Jacob was shot on Friday by someone wearing a red MAGA hat, while at a prayerful rally, celebrating the postponing of resurrecting a conquistador monument in New Mexico.

After being airlifted to the hospital, he had emergency surgery last night to assess the damage; his spleen, liver and diaphragm were damaged, and his spleen had to be removed. He has another surgery scheduled for tomorrow.
He is intubated, heavily sedated and will be in the ICU for a few days. He will likely be in the hospital for 1-2 weeks. His mother, brother, and daughter fly in tomorrow. All of his vitals are good, which is extremely good news!

Jacob is a community-supported organizer (CSO) with Backbone Campaign.

There are two ways to support Jacob during this most difficult time:

Monthly donations are strongly encouraged to support Jacob’s ongoing activism and to help him continue his path of dedicated activism for the climate, justice, and planetary well being.

We are deeply troubled by this horrific act of violence. And the staff and board of Backbone request that you hold Jacob and his family in your hearts, thoughts and prayers.

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