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Sign The Open Letter To Stop The US War On Venezuela

ANOTHER ACTION: Take a photo of yourself holding a sign that calls for no war on Venezuela and stop the sanctions. Share it on social media using the hashtag #FightCovidNotVenezuela and target your member of Congress as well as President Trump. Spread the word however you can by sharing this letter on social media and by email. Write letters to your editor opposing war on Venezuela. The United Nations has called for a global ceasefire to focus on the COVID19 pandemic. We need to be fighting the disease not each other. We need to send doctors, not soldiers. Tag @PopResistance and we’ll retweet your tweets. Thank you. – Popular Resistance

Sign the Open Letter to the Government of the United States and the United Nations.

Click Here to Sign the Open Letter

Dear Friends of Peace, Justice and Human Rights Around the World,

The global spread of COVID-19 has exposed the illegal and immoral practice of imposing unilateral coercive measures (economic sanctions) by the United States government against more than thirty nations. The economic war against those nations had already resulted in unimaginable suffering of the people in the targeted nations even before the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the devastation of the global pandemic, the targeted countries — especially Venezuela, Cuba, Iran, Syria and Zimbabwe — are finding it prohibitively difficult to protect and save the lives of their citizens in the face of the ongoing global emergency. These sanctions constitute
crimes against humanity.

Instead of helping these countries fight the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the government of the United States is now using the public distraction caused by the pandemic to intensify its military actions against the targeted nations. It is increasing its threats against Iran and Syria by engaging in a silent buildup of its military forces in Iraq again, and has dispatched its Naval warships to the shores of Venezuela, demanding the total surrender of the Venezuelan government to the United States.

Only a global wave of popular protest can stop these anti-human policies and actions.

Please use the link provided below to sign the Open Letter to the Government of the United States and the United Nations, addressed to the President of the United States and Secretary General of the United Nations, demanding that all U.S. and UN sanctions against the targeted nations be lifted, and all U.S. military threats and actions against them be stopped immediately.

We are dealing with a global emergency and must act quickly.

We are dealing with a global emergency and must act quickly.

Sanctions Kill!

Click Here to Sign the Open Letter

(in several languages)

  • Tim Anderson, Centre for Counter Hegemonic Studies
  • Noam Chomsky, Professor Emeritus, MIT; Professor, U. of Arizona
  • Gerald Horne, Historian, University of Houston, Texas
  • Vijay Prashad, Tricontinental Institute for Social Research
  • Cornel West, Harvard University
  • Iraklis Tsavdaridis, World Peace Council
  • Bahman Azad, U.S. Peace Council
  • Ajamu Baraka, Black Alliance for Peace
  • Medea Benjamin, CODEPINK
  • Jackie Cabasso, United for Peace and Justice
  • Nathaniel Chase, International Action Center
  • Omowale Clay, December 12th Movement
  • Gerry Condon, Veterans for Peace
  • Darien De Lu, Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom — US Section
  • Sara Flounders, International Action Center
  • Miguel Figueroa, Canadian Peace Congress
  • Margaret Flowers, Popular Resistance
  • Bruce Gagnon, Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space
  • Roger Harris, Task Force on the Americas
  • Chuck Kaufman, Alliance for Global Justice
  • Margaret Kimberley, Black Agenda Report
  • Joe Lombardo, United National Antiwar Coalition
  • Alfred Marder, U.S. Peace Council
  • Makasi Metoma, People’s Power Assemblies
  • Teri Mattson, CODEPINK
  • Nancy Price, Alliance for Democracy (US)
  • Cindy Sheehan, March on the Pentagon
  • David Swanson, World BEYOND War
  • Emily Thomas, IFCO Pastors for Peace
  • Gail Walker, IFCO: Pastors for Peace
  • Yasemin Zahra, US Labor Against the War
  • Kevin Zeese, Popular Resistance
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