Sister Megan Writes From Prison, Halfway To ‘Tipping Consciousness’

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Above: Sister Megan Rice with Gregory Boertje-Obed and Michael Walli

‘Ten Percent is Needed to ‘Tip the Consciousness.’  We are at Five Percent’

The letter below is from Sister Megan Rice, she along with fellow anti-nuclear weapons activists Gregory Boertje-Obed and Michael Walli are currently incarcerated for protesting at a nuclear weapons facility in Tennessee. The three Transform Now Plowshares activists were harshly sentenced for entering a nuclear weapons facility and damaging federal property by painting peace slogans on them.

Sister Megan sent the letter below from prison and asked that people share with seven other people. She believes we are near a tipping point in public opinion and sharing information can get us over it.

Letter from Sister Megan Rice, dated May 22 2014

from: Megan Rice #88101-020
Metropolitan Detention Center Brooklyn
PO Box 329002
Brooklyn NY  11232

May 22, 2014 (1838): March of Tears Day -4000 Cherokees Passed Into Eternity!

Dear Friends of the Transform Now Plowshares (TNP),

For too long, incommunicado!  So here’s my summary culled from the reflections of the reality of our being, co-responsible as humans-cosmic humans in this eco-zoic age by my dear little sister, Ade Droll of the Sisters of St. Francis of Little Falls, MN.

YOU are the protector of nature, you are the comforter, confronting nations’ policies.  You are honored and admired.  Someday, I plan to plant trees as markers of your spirit and ecological, common sense, efforts. This is the time of mystics: to see, to act, -to have VISION of the whole, which you are and have!

YOU are a celebration of the Universe, calling forth what we are meant to be about – to show how a spiritual being (all of Creation) expands, complexifies into being more fully human (or what we are meant to be). YOU gift all beings through your current missionary work.  Many are becoming aware – that creates a field – actually, I think of it more as ‘Mystical Body of Christ’ on Earth. Mystics calling to mystics, strengthening that field, in order to contribute to the greater whole.  Ken Wilbur says that 10% is needed to ‘tip the consciousness.’  We are at 5%, he says.  Think how you contribute to that mystical margin.  YOUR graciousness, YOUR wisdom, YOUR gentle com-passion are the great teachers.

In reading Thomas Berry, we hear so often that the human [brain] needs to be re-invented (and is being).  We have ways to go, but we are ‘doin what we can with what we’ve got’ (as the little hummingbird said, lying on his back and holding up the sky so it wouldn’t fall.  And the soldier laughed.).

You have great hearts and are true lovers, of the nations, of the churches – for their change, their compassion, and suffer most for ignorance and inability (denial?) or refusal to change.  You are kindred spirits, and aware of this great solidarity in com-munity!

Much Love to All and Thanks Galore,

Megan SHC

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