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Six Days After Grand Jury, Protests Continue

Above: Ferguson march in DC night of grand jury decision. Source: Getty Images

Protests continued in Ferguson and across the country six days after the grand jury decision resulting in no indictment was announced. On Saturday Officer Darren Wilson resigned from the Ferguson Police Department. National Guard troops continue to patrol in Ferguson. Protests stop business as usual in cities across country.

Ferguson Action urges walk out on Monday, December 1 — WALK OUT OF SCHOOL, WALK OUT OF WORK, SAY NO MORE TO POLICE MURDER.

There has been no response from the power structure in St. Louis, Missouri, or Washington, DC to respond to nationwide protests about the issues of justice for Mike Brown, militarization of the police, racially unfair policing and the divide between blacks and whites in the United States. The inability of government at any level to respond in a positive way to the concerns of citizens will continue to fuel the fire of revolt.

On Monday at 4:00 in Washington, DC on Pennsylvania Avenue the first of ongoing protests begin at the U.S. Department of Justice.

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