SOA Watch Actions: Resist Empire, Create Peace

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Resist Empire, Militarization and Migrant Incarceration this November 20-22

Fort Benning, GA – Join us this November 20-22, on the 25th anniversary of our movement, to connect with activists and organizers from across the Americas. Our continental movement will converge in Georgia to call for the closure of the School of the Americas and the closure of Stewart Detention Center, one of the largest private for-profit immigrant prisons in the country. It is incumbent upon us to continue making the connections between SOA violence and the root causes of migration.

Join us as we continue to denounce the failed U.S. policies, which have left a brutal legacy of impunity and Human Rights violations throughout the hemisphere. Since 1990, our movement has brought together torture survivors, Human Rights defenders, students,teachers, families, inter-faith groups, labor activists, migrants and immigrant rights activists for a weekend of collective action, education, commemoration and solidarity across all fronts of the struggle.

From Ferguson to Ayotzinapa, we must continue to denounce the militarization of police across the Americas and call for an end of state-sponsored terrorism and violence against our communities. Our clamor for justice must be heard!

If you haven’t already done so, start making your travel arrangements to Georgia! If you are interested in mobilizing yourself and others please contact us at 202-234-3440. As in previous years, our weekend schedule of events will include an amazing lineup of speakers and performers, including:

Let’s continue to demand justice and accountability.
Let’s continue to grow our movement and walk forward together.

Want to get involved? Look no further! Here are a few ideas:

  • Host a workshopEducate others about your work, meet other activists and groups, share organizing skills, and bring your voice and experience to the Vigil. The deadline is October 4thso contact Karolina with any questions you may have.
  •  Become a peacemaker! Peacemakers are needed throughout the weekend to support the many nonviolent events taking place. Contact Kathleen or Liz for more information.
  • Join the Puppetistas! What better way to put your creativity into action than creating larger-than-life art as an expression of our resistance and solidarity? In the days leading up to the Vigil, and throughout the course of the weekend, the Puppetistas work with dedication and love to bring life and laughter to the Vigil. For more information contact Coleman.
  • Set up a table at the Vigil! For more information, send a message to Arturo.
  • Place an ad in the Vigil program! The program is handed out to hundreds of supporters and is a great way to get your message out to the movement. For more information, contact Hendrik.
  • Volunteer at the Vigil! Throughout the course of the weekend, over 100 volunteers will contribute a few hours of their time to make the Vigil possible. Contact Kat if you are interested.
  • Participate in direct action at the Vigil! Contact Maria Luisa.
  • Put us in touch with any tours leading up to the Vigil. If you are involved in the planning of any speaking/music tours, consider making the Vigil one of your stops along the way, or help us get in touch with tour organizers. Contact Karolina.
  • Fundraise or Donate! If you are interested in raising funds for this year’s Vigil and would like to host a local event in your community, please contact Kat. This is a people power-led movement, and 85% of our funding comes from individual donations — from people like YOU! Any donation, no matter the amount, is a great contribution to our work.
  • Spread the wordAs a grassroots movement, mobilizing for the Vigil happens through word-of-mouth. Order a stack of bilingual palm cards, get the word out through social media, your local paper, or by passing out / posting flyers.