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Solidarity Rally For Railroad Workers

All Rail Workers, Allied Workers, and Friends Urged to Take Part!

After missing-in-action the past few weeks, some rail union chiefs have called for a major rally in Washington, DC at the Capitol Building. In addition, the unions are assisting to build rallies at rail terminals in towns and cities across the country. RWU urges all railroad workers from every craft, family, members, other working class friends and allies to take part.

These rallies are intended to draw the public’s attention towards:

  • The need for increased rail safety – prioritizing the need to maintain two-person crews.
  • The devastating effects of so-called “precision scheduled railroading” on the nation’s rail workers, shippers, passengers and economy. NOTE: The Surface Transportation Board (STB) is conducting a major hearing on this very question today.
  • The need for paid sick leave.

SMART-TD – the lead union organizing the event – urges all Rail Workers to come and invites others to join in as well:
SMART TD Auxiliary groups
Family and friends who support our cause
State AFL-CIO affiliates
Local elected leaders
Other unions

Obviously, this is being put together on a limited time-frame. RWU will do our best to inform you of the location of rallies in your state.

DATE: Tuesday, December 13, 2022
TIME: Main Rally from 1 PM to 3 PM. Other locations/times to be decided upon locally in the coming days
PLACE: Main Rally at the Capitol Building in Washington, DC. But there is the potential for dozens more at terminals across the country. We will do our best to issue updates as more info becomes available.

CURRENT LISTING OF ALL RALLIES: See the link for a real time up-to-date listing off all locations/times. Do not see one in your area? Check back later at this link.

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