Some Americans Do Love Their Health Care (They’re Expats)

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Above Photo: Luisa Weiss, the Wednesday chef, took to social media to discuss health care and how different it is in Germany and the US. Source: Luisa Weiss

  • DHFabian

    The missing piece of the puzzle: What do those nations do with those citizens who can’t work (health, etc.), and those for whom no jobs are available? Do they have a separate system, similar to our emergency room services for the poor? Do they have anything resembling legitimate welfare aid systems? We know that poverty takes a heavy toll on human health, so providing anything more than emergency room services to the very poor is not cost-effective — and that is the bottom line with US health care. Costs.

  • chetdude

    The folks who “can’t work” in those civilized countries receive the same high standard of care as everyone else…

    To USAmerica’s corporate, for-profit sick care industry, “costs” = profits…