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South Korean Unionists Protest US-South Korea War Games

Thousands of South Korean unionists and their progressive supporters rallied in downtown Seoul to protest against joint US-South Korea war games planned for later this month.

The drills will be the largest in years, and follow the May election of President Yoon Suk-yeol, who has promised to take a hardline with North Korea. Union leaders worry about risks.

While many South Koreans, especially supporters of President Yoon on the right, favor close ties with the U.S., large numbers also argue the US military and the country’s alliance with Washington, prevent the improvement of ties with North Korea – and generate tension.

The drills will reportedly involve a U.S. aircraft carrier strike group with extensive field training to include amphibious maneuvers. South Korea has also been training alongside US forces with recently acquired American F-35 Joint Strike Fighters.

“In an effort to strengthen US-South Korea – alliance military officials from Seoul and Washington will meet to discuss the deployment of US strategic assets and extended deterrence, which refers to the deployment of US nuclear weapons in the defense of South Korea.

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