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Spain: Anarchists Assemble Picket Lines For Ikea Dispute

Above Photo: Pic: A picket at Ikea on Goya Street, Madrid. (CNT-AIT SOV Madrid)

The Madrid section of Spain’s long-running CNT-AIT anarchist union is taking on the famous furniture maker in an effort to force bosses to fold in a dispute at one of its suppliers.

In the below statement, organisers explain the situation and call on trade unionists to act in support.

We request solidarity from all the Sections of the AIT / IWA and international affiliates regarding a labour conflict between our comrade and FOLDECO DEVELOPMENT S.L, a company he had been working at for almost three years. After our colleague suffered from workplace harassment by the company’s management, including xenophobic insults and even physical aggression, we have made the pertinent complaints and taken legal action. We are also taking action against one of its main customers, and therefore accomplice; the multinational IKEA, for whom FOLDECO manufactured furniture parts.

The company is systematically exploiting its workforce with non-payment of overtime, insufficient Personal Protection Equipment, blocking staff from going to their specialist doctor during working hours, among other deficiencies. And this is not the most serious thing that characterises FOLDECO’s board of directors or their lackeys in charge. Non-native workers regularly suffer xenophobic and racist treatment through insults and ridicule, especially as punishment by their superiors when they believe that the tasks entrusted to them have not been carried out correctly.

We can reverse this situation if we join forces.

The target is for each section and international affiliation to assess, within its own possibilities and capacities, what actions can be carried out against the multinational IKEA (informative pickets, campaigns through networks, etc.), denounce the bad practices of FOLDECO and put pressure on IKEA to cease its commercial activity with that company. If the fight can be extended to other client companies that we are not aware of within your local towns and cities, of course we will consider it positive.

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