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Spain: Thousands Rally Against TTIP And CETA In Madrid

Above Photo: People demonstrate against the TTIP and CETA trade agreements in Leipzig, Germany, Sept. 17, 2016. Thousands of people are rallying in cities across Germany to protest against planned European Union trade deals with the United States and Canada. (Photo: AP)

Over 10,000 people rallied against the TTIP, CETA and TISA trans-atlantic free trade agreements in Madrid, Saturday.

Both NGO’s and local political groups took part in the huge march to protest against the multinational trade agreements. Protesters carried large banners with messages like ‘People and planet over multinational [corporations] – No to poverty, no to inequality, no to TTIP.’

The TTIP and CETA agreements would create the world’s largest free-trade zone, encompassing some 800 million consumers and standardising trade regulations between the EU, North America and Canada. Both have faced fierce criticism that they are essentially undemocratic and would place too much power in the hands of multinational companies at the expense of consumers and workers.

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Associated Press reported “The protesters Saturday also urged officials not to approve the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement, a smaller trade agreement between Canada and the EU, and the Trade in Services Agreement, which involves the EU.

“Protesters carried signs claiming the deals would impoverish locals, chanting ‘They are not treaties, they are coups d’état!’ and ‘We are people, not merchandise!’ Some wore huge yellow foam chains around their necks to signify enslavement, while others dressed up as tycoons.

“Spain is recovering from an economic crisis that left massive youth unemployment. Its economy is on the upswing but politicians have struggled for months to form a government.”


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