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Special Alert: New Actions Planned To Save The Internet

Daily Actions Planned Through May 15th When FCC Will Vote on New Rules

Thank you to the thousands of you who have taken action to stop the end of net neutrality.  Now we need to escalate beyond click-activism and take our demands to the FCC.

Beginning Wednesday, May 7th actions will be held every weekday at noon and 5 pm outside the FCC building.

To Save The Internet, we are building a People’s Firewall against the FCC’s proposed rule that will create a ‘pay to play’ Internet by ending net neutrality. The FCC is located at 445 12th Street, SW, Washington, DC 20554.

Please let everyone you know in the Washington, DC area about these actions and encourage them to join. We especially need people to turn out on May 7th to make a big splash.

Escalation of action is planned through May 15th when the FCC Commissioners meet to propose new rules for the Internet.

Share this meme on Facebook, Twitter and on Social Media.  You can link to this article “Save The Internet” as well.

Net Neutrality Fire fist meme

We can stop the FCC from turning the Internet into a ‘pay to play’ communications system where not everyone has equal access.  We can ensure a free and open Internet, but we must act to do so.

Join us.  If you have ideas for actions write us at

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