Spectra Energy’s Office In Waltham, MA Shut Down

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One person climbed and hung off of a 24 foot tall tripod and others blocked office entrances while a band played music and balloon banners were released. Two arrests were made. The action was part of the week of “Respect and Resistance” to stop Spectra’s proposed expansion of a major fracked-gas pipeline through the Northeast.

The New England group Fighting Against Natural Gas has conducted two rousing actions in the last two days against greenwashing, fracking, and energy infrastructure.

Here is the statement from FANG:

On Wednesday morning a group of New Englanders were arrested for occupying and shutting down the offices of Spectra Energy to protest the company’s plans to expand a network of fracked gas pipelines in the region.

The group deployed multiple banners demanding funders divest from Spectra Energy due to the impacts of the company’s projects to local communities and the climate, with one of them hanging from a 24 foot tripod and refusing to leave.

“As long as Spectra is committed to the business of devastating local health and the climate, we’re committed to disrupting their business.”

This action took place one day after a sit-in at Senator Sheldon Whitehouse’s office. Another statement:

“A group of fifteen police officers just cleared the occupation of Senator Sheldon Whitehouse’s office. Peter Nightengale a professor of physics at URI was arrested.

Everyone – please don’t think of Senator Whitehouse as a “climate champion” anymore. At least until he stops supporting the Spectra pipeline and he stops having climate activists arrested.”

Donate to the Action Support Fund: http://bit.ly/Stop-Spectra

Pledge to take action: http://www.fangtogether.org/pledge/