Spoof Gospel Choir Protests Climate Change at Liverpool HSBC

| Resist!

An activist performance group marched into a bank to protest against climate change.

Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping gospel choir stormed into a HSBC bank in Liverpool to launch a protest against the corporate giants.

The demonstrators, originally from New York, are visiting banks across the UK to urge people to boycott corporate businesses.

Police were called to the branch on Whitechapel Road as the group continued to perform inside the bank.

During the demonstration, Reverend Billy said: “HSBC is the devil. I can feel their poison. It’s coming into my body.”

“The floods, the fires, the droughts – these are the people responsible for these tragedies – we’re running out of time so act now.

“We have got to have some discipline. I urge you all to rise up and take your money out of HSBC.

“The people in this bank are criminals and they want to kill us all.”

The gospel singers have performed across the US and will continue their protests in Colchester tomorrow.

Speaking after the protest, Reverend Billy said: “I hope our performance makes the staff at HSBC think about what their investments are doing to our planet.

“We are well known back in New York and in other parts of the US but HSBC are a global business so we have to spread the message around the world.

“We are desperately trying to stop these corporate giants from destroying us all.

“HSBC is one of the top banks in the world and it is a bank that must be confronted.

“We are very concerned about climate change and about what their investments are doing to each and every one of us.

“They must know that they are a bank that is investing directly into the mud slides, floods, fires, tornadoes, hurricanes that all come from climate change.

“But for now we’ll all get back on our bus and get ready to visit a bank in Colchester tomorrow.”