Spring Campaign To STOP Fast Track — April 22nd To May 7th

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Spring is here, and with it comes a new campaign to hold the U.S. government accountable for its support of corporate colonialism. We’re joining allies across the U.S. and across the world to change the narrative around President Obama’s upcoming trip to Asia, during which he’ll work to finalize the TPP.

Our action has helped to hold off Fast Track for now, but Obama’s visit proves that the Administration and “free trade” proponents won’t stop pushing their corporate agenda – and we can’t stop pushing against it.  Help keep up the momentum for trade that puts people and the planet before profit!

Check out the details of the call to action below, and join in any way that works for you. If you’ve got a local rally or event planned, be sure to let us know atstopfasttrack@flushthetpp.org.



During the week of April 21st, President Obama will be in Asia working to finalize the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Among his goals: to get Japan and Malaysia to drop their objections to TPP terms that would raise medicine prices, give foreign investors broader rights, and roll back financial regulation.

You can bet he won’t be mentioning that without a delegation of trade authority from Congress, the promises he makes to extract these ‘concessions” are not reliable. Worse, U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman keeps telling the other TPP countries that Congress will provide Fast Track – as soon as the other countries drop their objections to U.S. corporate demands.

Meanwhile, U.S. Members of Congress will be in their districts with mid-term elections on their minds, meeting with donors and community leaders. This is the perfect time to amp up pressure on the House Dems who have not come out against Fast Track, move mainstream media to cover Fast Track and the TPP, and make the growing opposition to Fast Track clear for those in both the U.S. and other TPP countries.

Mark your calendars for The Spring Campaign to Stop Fast Track! From April 22nd to May 7th we will be focusing on the House Democrats who have not come out against Fast Track and the mainstream media outlets who have refused to cover Fast Track and the TPP. We would love for you to join us. Here’s the plan:

 Social Media Action – April 22nd to April 25th

  • Stay tuned for a new “Save the World Stop Fast Track” Website! This new site will be the central space for a campaign of tweeting and Facebook messaging to urge the “Congressperson of the Day” to oppose Fast Track. At the same time, we’ll urge the “News Director of the Day” to cover Fast Track and the TPP. There will be different focuses for each day of action and myriad messages and memes to use.

Congressional Recess In-District Action – April 22nd to April 25th

  • In the House districts where the Representative has not come out in opposition to Fast Track, we will organize “Save the World Stop Fast Track” rallies and town hall meetings targeting the Representative.
  • In House districts where the Representative has come out in opposition to Fast Track, we will be organizing “Save the World Stop Fast Track” rallies to target the media.

Washington, D.C. Action – April 22nd to April 30th

  • Getting to One Million on the Stop the Secrecy – Don’t Fast Track the TPP website:  This is the website where visitors can add their names to a petition opposing TPP Secrecy and Fast Track. A live counter keeps track of the opposition that is soon to be over one million strong. The website will be hosted by OpenMedia.
  • Stop the Secrecy Projections: As people add their names to the petition, the number of people opposing Fast Track and the TPP will be projected on buildings across Washington, DC. As the petition grows, so will the size and/or number of projections.
  • Petition Delivery Final Projection: On April 30th, when members of Congress return to D.C. and Obama returns from his Asia trip, we’ll welcome them back with the final day of projection with our petition numbers.

The Grand Finale – May 7thRally and Lobby Day at the Capitol, hosted by Communication Workers of America (CWA)

More details to come!