Update: Spring Fund Drive Underway

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Dear Popular Resistance Reader,

You may read Popular Resistance for a variety of reasons, but one of those is likely because you know the narratives being given to you by the consolidated,corporate-controlled media are largely false and restricted to a narrow viewpoint – one that serves the interests of the wealthy war-makers and planet-destroyers.

At Popular Resistance, we work seven days a week to keep you informed about resistance movements and news that you won’t find in the corporate media – news that gives the perspective of caring about people and protecting the planet. When we see a false narrative being promoted widely in the corporate media, we turn to our network of writers, academics and activists to quickly dispel it.

While we run on a small budget, we do need money to keep the website going and growing. There are costs to keep the website updated and secure, to produce the podcast and to reach you through email services like this one.

So far in our Spring Fundraiser, we have raised just over 50% of what we need. We want to thank you if you donated. If you haven’t, please donate now – small or large, it all adds up!

Your donations are tax-deductible. Every donor will receive a copy of Jack Balkwill’s book on simple, inexpensive steps you can take to support your health and an article about supplements you can take to protect yourself from the coronavirus (this is informational only, we don’t sell them). Donors of $50 or more will receive an item of their choice from our store.

Truly independent media like Popular Resistance relies on reader donations. If you value our daily digest of articles, and our weekly podcast and newsletter, contribute today.

With gratitude and hope you are safe and well,

Margaret, Kevin, and the Popular Resistance team

  • Alan MacDonald

    Kevin, I don’t know how to set-up a humanitarian funding web-site, but I’m guessing you and Margaret do yourselves, or know the kind of charitable fund raising organizations that could provide a lot of help to folks who really need financial help to survive and keep their kids safe.

    My thoughts are that many retired folks like myself and Judy are retired and comfortable but in a retirement income-level that is low enough that our government may send us checks that we really don’t need.

    I think many many retired folks who have a safe nest egg of moderate wealth, but may receive government checks we don’t need should be encouraged and promoted to send their unnecessarily check amounts (which might just be superfluous bonus money) and send those funds to younger and more desperate families that need more financial support than we need.

    The number of families could be very high and amount that could be repurposed or ‘re-gifted’ from moderately comfortable ‘boomers’ to lower income millennials and gen x families could be a life-saver.

    If I was to receive a check we don’t really need, I already plan to ‘pay it forward’.

    Can Popular Resistance help directly or indirectly network such a plan?


  • doldrum pant

    Let’s face it, no one in my economic class in the money religion is going to get first crack at a limited number of ventilators, when people without access to health care are already dying at a rate of hundreds per week. People live with that reality every day before this ever happened. So the virus is nothing new. I plan to sit tight if infected, self-treat and take whatever comes. Without enough resources to handle surge in demand, choices will be made about who gets a black card instead of treatment.
    But what’s concerning is the economic shutdown and maybe and government using the situation to manipulate people into accepting the loss of more of our rights like they did after 911.

    I will not be paying my next internet bill, and making some tough choices. I’m sure countless more are in the same boat. I suggest donating part of it to local help organizations that share food with people because with the economic shutdown if it continues, the line is going to get longer, and their resources fewer. Many of these places depend on unsold stock from supermarket shelves– something that’s not there when people are buying and hoarding supplies down to the last can.

  • Alice X

    I’ve already donated for the Spring, but if my little summer canoe comes in early, I’ll donate again.