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Spring Rising Cleans Up Washington’s War Crimes

Photos by CODEPINK.


The day began with a round of lobbying on the Hill in Washington, D.C. with the Code Pink team. The most diligent anti war organization in the world carried out some Spring Cleaning. More photos and video can be found at


By mid day this group of 30 or more activists joined Cindy Sheehan on the Spring Rising bus tour of the Dept. of Defense, Dept, of Justice, FBI headquarters, AIPAC lobby office building, and concluded at the White House.

These veteran anti war icons including Medea Benjamin described the ultimate power war lobbies have over the US legislature and the executive branch. Benjamin and Sheehan drove home the point that the Israeli lobby has a stranglehold on elected officials, in some ways more than the US Chamber of Commerce, the largest lobby group in DC.

This 4 day round of demonstrations come the day after Benjamin Netanyahu is reelected as Israel’s leader whom had run on a platform that vows to prevent any possibility of the quarter century long negotiated ‘Two State Solution’ between the Palestinian people and Israel.

Netanyahu has long yearned for war with Iran, offended US delegates for peace by initiating settlements in Palestinian territory on the day US representatives would land in Tel Aviv, and led the invasion and slaughter of over 2,000 people in Gaza, including 500 children (Summer 2014). There isn’t much more Bibi could have done to make it clear that he doesn’t intend on resolving conflict in the middle east by peaceful means.

Friday there will be more speakers on the ravages of war and the need for peace home on the United States streets and abroad. On Saturday noon eastern time, thousands are expected to meet at the White House to march to the US Capitol building.

Spring Rising Bus Tour by Robert Brune, Indy Journalist with GlobalRevLive

#SpringRising Anti War #BlackLivesMatter Message by Robert Brune, Indy Journalist with GlobalRevLive

The Spring Rising bus tour stopped at the FBI & DOJ buildings to question militarism of police and state sanctioned violence perpetrated against people home and abroad.

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