Statement On Human Rights In Venezuela

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Note: The article below is one of many reports criticizing the factually inaccurate of UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet’s July 5 report on Venezuela. AFGJ has compiled the following list of articles analyzing the report:

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UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet’s July 5 report on Venezuela echoes the US government’s talking points, which are designed to terminate Venezuela’s two-decade-old Bolivarian Revolution, without acknowledging Venezuela’s manifest accomplishments or even recognizing victims of US-backed rightwing violence in Venezuela. A more factual report would have included:

  1. What amounts to a war by the US government on Venezuela is motivated by the accomplishments of the Bolivarian Revolution, not its faults. The Venezuelans have sought to create a more inclusive polity to empower poor and working people and to redistribute national wealth. In addition, Venezuela has promoted regional integration and independence from the US based on respecting national sovereignty in a multi-polar world.
  2. The US government is not interested in or motivated by human rights or democracy. The US has a long history of supporting coups (e.g., Venezuela in 2002, Haiti in 2004, Honduras in 2009) and the most repressive states (e.g., Colombia) throughout Latin American and, indeed, the world.
  3. The actions of the US government are explicitly designed to prevent the correction of Venezuela’s supposed faults. Even the humanitarian CLAP program, bringing basic food items to people in need, has been targeted.
  4. If Venezuela’s supposed faults were primarily the cause of the current crisis, the US government would not have had to impose its economic war to attack the economy. The economic war constitutes an illegal, unilateral, and coercive form of collective punishment against the population, which has caused great misery and an estimated 40,000 deaths.
  5. In fact, US officials have explicitly stated that they are interested in having dominion over the vast resources of Venezuela, including the world’s largest petroleum reserves.

In short, a deceiving human rights narrative is being used to justify overthrowing a sovereign state and its democratically elected government. The Task Force on the Americas, a 33-year-old human rights organization, urges all to continue to work for:

  • Venezuela’s right to national sovereignty, rejecting external intervention.
  • Respect for international law.
  • The immediate and unconditional lifting of all economic and financial sanctions, which are illegal under international law and have criminal consequences.
  • A process of dialogue to resolve differences.


  • I notice you have no links to Bachelet’s report where your readers could find out for themselves about the numerous human rights abuses of the Bolivarian government of Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela, abuses I suspect none of your listeners would pardon in the US, UK or elsewhere. The fact that you have such a one-sided perspective on the issue (in favor of the neo-stalinst government), you evidently feel comfortable with your hypocrisy, but don’t you feel you have any obligation to your readers to present the “truth” or at least various perspectives on the issue, rather than the Bolivarian government line? Some of you might recall I.F. Stone’s dictum: “All governments lie.” But you evidently are comfortable presenting the lies of the Bolivarian government which you appear to believe is adequate to address the lies of the US government. Your readers might, however, be interested to know that many socialists and people on the left are uncomfortable with a government that has allowed its security forces (FAES) to kill over 7,500 of its citizens in 2018, and over 2,000 in just the first five months of this year– according to the Socialist Human Rights Commissioner of the UN, MIchelle Bachelet, who directed the writing of the report. But they should read the report themselves, don’t you think? After all, leftists in the US want free access to information, don’t we? Even if you people support a government that represses information in Venezuela, and feel it appropriate to follow its policies at your website. So here’s the link to the UNOHC report in English: