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The House is planning to vote on Fast Track this Friday, June 12. We must defeat Fast Track!

Now that the House has scheduled a vote, we are stepping up our action. We are currently staying between the Capitol and House buildings 24/7. In addition to showing visible opposition, this allows us to speak to members of Congress and staff and to constituents who are visiting their representatives. Follow the action at #RiggedTradeRebellion.

We need you!

This is a critical time. We would like to do more, but we need more people. We must show Congress our popular outrage over these rigged corporate treaties that are being negotiated in secret and masked as trade agreements. We need to be marching in the streets and making noise.

Can you join us in DC? 

If you can’t make it, there are other things you can do but we all need to take action. See the information below.

This is the moment. Will we rise together and stop this corporate power grab? We believe that together, we can do it!


Sign the petition below to send an email directly to the US Trade Representative:

[emailpetition id=”21″]

Here are more ways that you can fight back:

1. Join the weekly “Fast Track Resistance” National Calls – starting on Wednesday, March 11 at 9 pm Eastern/6 pm Pacific, we’ll host weekly education and organizing calls to teach about Fast Track and the TPP, provide legislative updates and organize specific actions. Click here for the schedule of topics and speakers. We’ll have activists on hand to facilitate break-out groups where you’ll learn how to organize teach-ins, do visibility actions, use social media to have an impact and reach legislators with your message. The first call is titled “The Fast Track to Global Corporate Rule.” You must register for the call. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.

1TPPblock12. Join the Rapid Response Team – Fast track legislation passed in the Senate and now it is moving towards a vote in the House. We must stop it in the House. Contact if you can join our DC Rapid Response team.

We’re planning a prolonged presence in Washington, DC starting on April 14. Join us!

3. Drive phone calls and emails to Congress! In early 2014, we stopped fast track in part by generating hundreds of thousands of emails and phone calls to Congress. We must do that again. Use to make it easy to do. Spread the word!

4. Find and post local actions here.

Finally, we’re brought in more organizers to help fight back during this crucial time. We need your support.


This is a huge battle. It’s the people versus the transnational corporations and big finance. If Fast Track passes in Congress, it won’t just allow passage of the TPP (which is bad enough) but it will mean 7 years of Presidents being able to negotiate agreements and sign them in secret. It will allow corporations to have more power than individual nations and end our ability to protect our human needs.

This is not about trade. It’s about our future. Now is the time for heroic defense of all that we value – our communities, our health, our families and protection of the planet.

Fast Track is truly a game changer. It will affect everything we care about. Please pledge to join us for the next few months to stop it.

Just as we did with net neutrality, people power can prevail if we use it. 

  • TecumsehUnfaced

    Fast tract for fake trade laws is meant to saddle us with corporate dominance, After we beat this bleep, let’s go back and undo the financial coup a century ago, the Federal Reserve, set in place under a compliant bigot named Woodrow Wilson. (Check out his good bankster friend and advisor, Colonel House, one of J.P. Morgan’s collection of conspirators at Jekyl Island.

  • LibertyQuotient

    Great work so far!

    I have been writing about the insatiable appetite of the corpocracy since my first book on it. TPP would be a crowning achievement for the corpocracy, which cares only about itself.

    Far worse than TPP, however, is the prospect of Doomsday, now 3 minutes to midnight. The US war machines is the biggest mover of that clock with shadow wars in 150 countries and making belligerent moves against Russia and China.

    Kevin and Margaret, co-founders of Popular Resistance, you may be the only ones on earth who have the information that would allow you to assemble and publish an inventory of ALL existing activist movements, campaigns, NGOs on EVERY issue, including war and peace. This would be extremely helpful in trying to organize a world wide coalition of people who love peace and justice and hate war and injustice. We need to start with America, the greatest threat in the world to peace.

    Readers, if you agree, pls say “yes” on my Twitter,

    Thank you, Gary Brumback

  • AlanMacDonald

    “Democracy Not Empire” is a shorter and more understandable shout-out for broad based “Popular Resistance”.

    And the real benefit is that the Only successful and First American Revolution against Empire was, er, well … against EMPIRE.

    While some few of our founding revolutionary leaders might have known that the British East India Company was a Royally Chartered Corporation, none then (and few today) knew the word corporatocracy, but all American colonial ‘subjects’ knew very well that they were ‘subjects’ and that all their oppressions were caused by the British EMPIRE — of which the East India Company was just one of their oppressive ‘symptom problems’, along with the British Empire’s Red Coats, tax collectors, Royal Governors, land charters, legal authorities, etc. etc.

    Unfortunately today, few Americans even understand that they are merely ‘subjects’ of a much better disguised and truly Global Empire.

  • kevinzeese

    On our radio show, Clearing The FOG, we discussed war and peace today. The issue of Empire came up and we even discussed your comments about Empire. The show was with Bruce Gagnon and Cindy Sheehan. You can listen to it here:…/

  • AlanMacDonald

    Thanks, Kevin, for the link to this radio interview (including a fellow Mainer revolutionary), and for your support in airing views on this under appreciated factor of Empire’s cancerous effect on all ‘citizens of the world’ — who, as they become informed, will actively engage in Popular Resistance in favor of being ‘citizens’ of our world instead of just ‘subjects’ of a Global Empire.

  • AlanMacDonald

    At the rate that public stock owned traditional Corporations are being cut up and gutted by private and unrecognized HFWs, Hedge Fund Whores, PEPs, Private Equity Pirates, and AICs, Activist Investor Crooks, any organizing of protest movements and Popular Resistance ‘actions’ that pose “Corporations” or the “Corporatocracy” as the primary enemy of ‘the people’ will be sorely disappointed to find that targeted enemy is gone — and has been replaced by a dozen guys in Greenwich Ct. who privately own, have disbanded and sold off, stuffed with debt, and fired all the employees of anything that looks like an old fashioned big powerful publicly traded Corporation that has any identity left and which any people can actually name as a Corporation.

    Yes, many corporations are very predatory, destructive, greedy, and have oppressed their thousands of working-class employees. BUT, if Corporations or ‘the Corporatocracy” is the only name that protests are against, then like W C. Field’s said of Philadelphia, there’s “no there there”.

    Don’t bank on protesting against only the corporations and the banks, because other much more stealth and disguised elements of the EMPIRE, like HFWs, PEPs, and AICs, will be far better hidden in the woodwork of the Disguised Global Capitalist EMPIRE — whose only attackable name will be simply EMPIRE!

    Hell, Kevin, GM is about to be swallowed, cut-up, looted of any cash, stuffed with more debt, with its stock stolen, disembowled of employees today by Harry Wilson and groups of three lettered initialed Private Equity Pirates that nobody has ever even heard of.

    The Corporatocracy is not target that will make any sense nor have any identity soon — only the EMPIRE is a timeless and true target of Revolution.

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  • invictus2

    ISDS(Invester State Dispute Settlement) and NDIA(National Defense Industrtialization Association) should tell you everything about the Obama treachery. Instead of running around late night shows and blowing smoke up American arses, he should be confronting the real problem facing us and the world. The MIC Wall Street hegemon. He is a neocon bankster and their guy. Global corporations running the world. Endless war. The sickening irony of the first black U.S. president cementing global corporate slavery with TPP.

  • ThisOldMan

    What’s being done to stop this nefarious scheme outside the US?

  • Ghost

    6. Do you tweet? Join the Twitter storms on Tuesday evenings, 9 p.m. EST.

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  • jim

    very, very few americans i talk to have any idea what TPP is. TELL EVERYONE ABOUT TPP.

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  • MC Patten

    I am not a republicant and I’m not a democrat or a liberal or a conservative. I am a fed up pissed off progressive. TIme to take out our American Government and by that I mean – dismantle it- it has outlived its usefulness. We no longer need leaders like this who sell us out.

  • It is time to let government(s) know they work for us! They are part of the less than 1% that rules by fear and abuse… yet they are the few and we are their employers! Time to say ENOUGH and show them who they work for!

  • Janice

    there are now commercials on tv for the trade agreement…sponsored by shady patriotic-sounding named groups!

  • Dawn Wolfson

    I can’t get to your Twitter (blocked here), but YES

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  • Bruce 7

    Far as I know, the TPP is not about trade, it’s not free and the only agreements are between 600+ multi national corporate lawyers and their bought and paid for GOP! Why does this piss me off? Why wouldn’t It! I demand transparency. Publish the damn thing if it’s soo progressive and good for the American people or we will protest against it untiil it is no more!

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