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Stop Fast Track NOW!

The House is planning to vote on Fast Track this Friday, June 12. We must defeat Fast Track!

Now that the House has scheduled a vote, we are stepping up our action. We are currently staying between the Capitol and House buildings 24/7. In addition to showing visible opposition, this allows us to speak to members of Congress and staff and to constituents who are visiting their representatives. Follow the action at #RiggedTradeRebellion.

We need you!

This is a critical time. We would like to do more, but we need more people. We must show Congress our popular outrage over these rigged corporate treaties that are being negotiated in secret and masked as trade agreements. We need to be marching in the streets and making noise.

Can you join us in DC? 

If you can’t make it, there are other things you can do but we all need to take action. See the information below.

This is the moment. Will we rise together and stop this corporate power grab? We believe that together, we can do it!


Sign the petition below to send an email directly to the US Trade Representative:

[emailpetition id=”21″]

Here are more ways that you can fight back:

1. Join the weekly “Fast Track Resistance” National Calls – starting on Wednesday, March 11 at 9 pm Eastern/6 pm Pacific, we’ll host weekly education and organizing calls to teach about Fast Track and the TPP, provide legislative updates and organize specific actions. Click here for the schedule of topics and speakers. We’ll have activists on hand to facilitate break-out groups where you’ll learn how to organize teach-ins, do visibility actions, use social media to have an impact and reach legislators with your message. The first call is titled “The Fast Track to Global Corporate Rule.” You must register for the call. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.

1TPPblock12. Join the Rapid Response Team – Fast track legislation passed in the Senate and now it is moving towards a vote in the House. We must stop it in the House. Contact if you can join our DC Rapid Response team.

We’re planning a prolonged presence in Washington, DC starting on April 14. Join us!

3. Drive phone calls and emails to Congress! In early 2014, we stopped fast track in part by generating hundreds of thousands of emails and phone calls to Congress. We must do that again. Use to make it easy to do. Spread the word!

4. Find and post local actions here.

Finally, we’re brought in more organizers to help fight back during this crucial time. We need your support.


This is a huge battle. It’s the people versus the transnational corporations and big finance. If Fast Track passes in Congress, it won’t just allow passage of the TPP (which is bad enough) but it will mean 7 years of Presidents being able to negotiate agreements and sign them in secret. It will allow corporations to have more power than individual nations and end our ability to protect our human needs.

This is not about trade. It’s about our future. Now is the time for heroic defense of all that we value – our communities, our health, our families and protection of the planet.

Fast Track is truly a game changer. It will affect everything we care about. Please pledge to join us for the next few months to stop it.

Just as we did with net neutrality, people power can prevail if we use it. 

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