Stop Fracked Gas Exports Action At FERC HQ

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More fracking… Worsening climate change… More pipeline construction… Higher gas prices… Unprecedented safety risks…

On Monday July 14th, Help Stop Fracked Gas Exports With Direct Action At FERC Headquarters

The gas industry’s rush to build 20 or more industrial facilities along our nation’s coastline to export fracked gas to countries overseas would bring all of these impacts upon U.S. communities. It would move us in exactly the wrong direction when we urgently need to move forward in tackling the climate crisis.

On July 13th in Washington, DC, we’ll come together to send a decisive message to President Obama and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission: Say “No!” to fracked gas exports at Cove Point and nationwide.

It will be a critical time to act. This summer, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) will be nearing a decision on one of the worst examples of the gas export rush: Dominion Resources’ proposed fracked gas export facility at Cove Point – just 50 miles from the White House on the Chesapeake Bay in southern Maryland. For far too long, President Obama has allowed FERC to rubber stamp project after project, putting the interests of the oil and gas industry above our health, safety, and climate.

On Sunday, July 13th, fracking fighters from all over, movement leaders like Tim DeChristopher and Sandra Steingraber, mothers fending off compressor stations, fathers fighting pipelines – and everyday people demanding solutions to climate change – will march together by the thousands. We’ll call on President Obama and FERC to reject gas export terminals at Cove Point and beyond and instead make the investments in wind, solar, and energy efficiency that will support good jobs and a stable climate for all.

But that’s just the beginning! 

On Monday, July 14th we will return to Federal Energy Regulatory Commission headquarters in Washington DC to take nonviolent direct action. We will risk arrest to stop FERC from putting our nation at risk with dangerous fracked gas exports.

And we need your help. Join this action. Stand together, raise your voice, and use your body to help stop new gas export facilities.

Total (as of last count) willing to risk arrest in this action:  18

  • Why are we Americans allowing our environment, our water supply and our land to be used by corporations exporting natural gas for their own profit? Our resources are being sold abroad for profit to the rich with nothing coming back to our communities and to the American people, still experiencing a recession.

  • Chris

    FERC, just like President Barf, should be replaced by those to whom the public health is valuable.