Stop The Impending War On Syria

Americans Need To Self-Organize To Stop Military Attack On Syria

We have the power to stop the war in Syria, but must act immediately to do so.

There is still time to stop the Syrian War.  Americans need to self-organize rapidly to represent the views of nearly all Americans — only 9 percent of Americans support a military attack on Syria. Opposition to war on Syria is something that will unite American across the political spectrum.

Call the White House comment line now at 202-456-1111 or call 202-456-1414 to talk to an operator and say:

“I oppose military intervention in Syria.  Do not illegally attack Syria, illegal because Congress and the UN have not authorized it. War is not a solution.”

Sign petitions, e.g. petition saying no to military intervention in Syria,  petition calling on Congress to act.

Demand Congress get involved with a full debate on whether a military attack on Syria is right. Congress is the branch of government that declares war, not the president.  Without congressional action, President Obama is violating the constitution and committing an impeachable offense.  Rep. Barbara Lee is right to call for a full debate in Congress before an attack takes place.

We hear a chorus from the White House that there is no doubt that Assad used chemical weapons.  While there may be no doubt chemical weapons were used, they offer no proof it came from Assad and commonsense shows an attack by Assad makes no sense and that the US, UK and rebels they support are more likely the source of the attack.  The administration is refusing to wait for a UN inspection, even though they are on the ground in Syria.  The last UN inspection of a chemical weapons attack showed it was US allies, the rebel forces, who used them not Assad.  The US needs to wait for the UN report, go to the UN Security Council for approval before attacking Syria.  Such an attack without UN or Congressional approval would violate international and domestic law.

And, most importantly, get some friends together and get out in the streets.  Many organizations are calling for protests, but we need to self-organize, locally, across the country to prevent this impending disaster that will result in the death of thousands and increased hatred of the United States.  Some are planning to go to the Obama speech on the anniversary of the I Have A Dream speech to protest his move toward war tomorrow.

Now is the time for action, self-organization and unity against war.  We can stop this war.  The American people do not want it and President Obama needs to be convinced he will be violating the law if he goes to war with Syria unilaterally.

Below is our favorite daily newsletter, LUV News.  We reprint LUV News every day on our media site, Today the newsletter focuses on one issue — war with Syria — so we are publishing it here as an article below.

LUV News: The Impending War With Syria

Because of what looks like an impending war with Syria, I am devoting today’s LUV News to that likely probability today, and jumping straight to the opinion piece.

British news is reporting military action will begin against Syria within days.

This morning, Syria accused Secretary Kerry of lying when he said there was “undeniable” evidence of a large-scale chemical attack likely launched by Damascus.

We are told there is, like in the attack on Iraq, no time to investigate.  Nor is there a need to provide evidence.  Wouldn’t providing evidence at least to the Russians and Chinese in order to get their Security Council vote to make such an attack legal under international law be prudent?  But the USA has this morning cancelled peace talksover Syria with Russia.

The web site has put together a video alleging that the poison gas incident in Syria was planned to draw support for an attack on Syria.

We are told by mainstream media that we should support President Obama on this attack without being provided evidence, as we were told to support President Bush in his weapons of mass destruction lies and invasion of Iraq.  We are told that Obama’s plans are somehow humanitarian, as if humanitarian bombing is not the mother of all oxymorons.

But Obama lost all credibility as a peacemaker when one of his first actions in office was to increase the troop strength in Afghanistan.  Later he tried to back out of the Bush agreement to withdraw US forces from Iraq by the end of 2011 (Iraq’s government would not agree) and he’s increased bombing in several countries.

His drone program even targets the funerals of those he’s killed with drones, killing large numbers of innocents under the pretext that they must be terrorists if they’re attending an alleged terrorist’s funeral.  Robert Greenwald has a piece this morning titled, “Legal Showdown: 6 Experts Destroy Obama’s Drone Policy,” tearing Obama’s justifications to shreds.

Members of Congress are calling on Obama to consult with them before he starts bombing again, after he went ahead and bombed Libya without consulting.

In the following piece, Paul Craig Roberts exposes much of the hypocrisy (there isn’t room for it all in one column, let alone in an extensive tome) about the contrived Syrian war.  Much of it, as we’ve pointed out, is similar to the Libyan war– terrorists, including al Qaeda, are sent in, then Western media play up that there is a revolt of the people, then warnings are given that the president is killing his own people, then there is an outcry for intervention.

Those running the Empire appear to be out of new ideas, they keep recycling the same crap  –Jack Balkwill

Syria: Another Western War Crime In The Making

by Paul Craig Roberts

Washington and its British and French puppet governments are poised to yet again reveal their criminality. The image of the West as War Criminal is not a propaganda image created by the West’s enemies, but the portrait that the West has painted of itself.

The UK Independent reports that over this past week-end Obama, Cameron, and Hollande agreed to launch cruise missile attacks against the Syrian government within two weeks despite the lack of any authorization from the UN and despite the absence of any evidence in behalf of Washington’s claim that the Syrian government has used chemical weapons against the Washington-backed “rebels”, largely US supported external forces, seeking to overthrow the Syrian government.

Indeed, one reason for the rush to war is to prevent the UN inspection that Washington knows would disprove its claim and possibly implicate Washington in the false flag attack by the “rebels,” who assembled a large number of children into one area to be chemically murdered with the blame pinned by Washington on the Syrian government.

Another reason for the rush to war is that Cameron, the UK prime minister, wants to get the war going before the British parliament can block him for providing cover for Obama’s war crimes the way that Tony Blair provided cover for George W. Bush, for which Blair was duly rewarded. What does Cameron care about Syrian lives when he can leave office into the waiting arms of a $50 million fortune.

The Syrian government, knowing that it is not responsible for the chemical weapons incident, has agreed for the UN to send in chemical inspectors to determine the substance used and the method of delivery. However, Washington has declared that it is “too late” for UN inspectors and that Washington accepts the self-serving claim of the al Qaeda affiliated “rebels” that the Syrian government attacked civilians with chemical weapons. See also

In an attempt to prevent the UN chemical inspectors who arrived on the scene from doing their work, the inspectors were fired upon by snipers in “rebel” held territory and forced off site, although a later report from RT says the inspectors have returned to the site to conduct their inspection.

The corrupt British government has declared that Syria can be attacked without UN authorization, just as Serbia and Libya were militarily attacked without UN authorization. In other words, the Western democracies have already established precedents for violating international law. “International law? We don’t need no stinking international law!” The West knows only one rule: Might is Right. As long as the West has the Might, the West has the Right.

In a response to the news report that the US, UK, and France are preparing to attack Syria, the Russian Foreign Minister, Lavrov, said that such unilateral action is a “severe violation of international law,” and that the violation was not only a legal one but also an ethical and moral violation. Lavrov referred to the lies and deception used by the West to justify its grave violations of international law in military attacks on Serbia, Iraq, and Libya and how the US government used preemptive moves to undermine every hope for peaceful settlements in Iraq, Libya, and Syria.

Once again Washington has preempted any hope of peaceful settlement. By announcing the forthcoming attack, the US destroyed any incentive for the “rebels” to participate in the peace talks with the Syrian government. On the verge of these talks taking place, the “rebels” now have no incentive to participate as the West’s military is coming to their aid.

In his press conference Lavrov spoke of how the ruling parties in the US, UK, and France stir up emotions among poorly informed people that, once aroused, have to be satisfied by war. This, of course, is the way the US manipulated the public in order to attack Afghanistan and Iraq. But the American public is tired of the wars, the goal of which is never made clear, and has grown suspicious of the government’s justifications for more wars.

A Reuters/Ipsos poll finds that “Americans strongly oppose U.S. intervention in Syria’s civil war and believe Washington should stay out of the conflict even if reports that Syria’s government used deadly chemicals to attack civilians are confirmed.” However, Obama could not care less that only 9 percent of the public supports his warmongering. As former president Jimmy Carter recently stated, “America has no functioning democracy.” It has a police state in which the executive branch has placed itself above all law and the Constitution.

This police state is now going to commit yet another Nazi-style war crime of unprovoked aggression. At Nuremberg the Nazis were sentenced to death for precisely the identical actions being committed by Obama, Cameron, and Hollande. The West is banking on might, not right, to keep it out of the criminal dock.

The US, UK, and French governments have not explained why it matters whether people in the wars initiated by the West are killed by explosives made of depleted uranium or with chemical agents or any other weapon. It was obvious from the beginning that Obama was setting up the Syrian government for attack. Obama demonized chemical weapons–but not nuclear “bunker busters” that the US might use on Iran. Then Obama drew a red line, saying that the use of chemical weapons by the Syrians was such a great crime that the West would be obliged to attack Syria. Washington’s UK puppets, William Hague and Cameron, have just repeated this nonsensical claim. The final step in the frame-up was to orchestrate a chemical incident and blame the Syrian government.

What is the West’s real agenda? This is the unasked and unanswered question. Clearly, the US, UK, and French governments, which have displayed continuously their support for dictatorial regimes that serve their purposes, are not the least disturbed by dictatorships. They brand Assad a dictator as a means of demonizing him for the ill-informed Western masses. But Washington, UK, and France support any number of dictatorial regimes, such as the ones in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and now the military dictatorship in Egypt that is ruthlessly killing Egyptians without any Western government speaking of invading Egypt for “killing its own people.”

Clearly also, the forthcoming Western attack on Syria has nothing whatsoever to do with bringing “freedom and democracy” to Syria any more than freedom and democracy were reasons for the attacks on Iraq and Libya, neither of which gained any “freedom and democracy.”

The Western attack on Syria is unrelated to human rights, justice or any of the high sounding causes with which the West cloaks its criminality.

The Western media, and least of all the American presstitutes, never ask Obama, Cameron, or Hollande what the real agenda is. It is difficult to believe than any reporter is sufficiently stupid or gullible to believe that the agenda is bringing “freedom and democracy” to Syria or punishing Assad for allegedly using chemical weapons against murderous thugs trying to overthrow the Syrian government.

Of course, the question wouldn’t be answered if asked. But the act of asking it would help make the public aware that more is afoot than meets the eye. Originally, the excuse for Washington’s wars was to keep Americans safe from terrorists. Now Washington is endeavoring to turn Syria over to jihad terrorists by helping them to overthrow the secular, non-terrorist Assad government. What is the agenda behind Washington’s support of terrorism?

Perhaps the purpose of the wars is to radicalize Muslims and, thereby, destabilize Russia and even China. Russia has large populations of Muslims and is bordered by Muslim countries. Even China has some Muslim population. As radicalization spreads strife into the only two countries capable of being an obstacle to Washington’s world hegemony, Western media propaganda and the large number of US financed NGOs, posing as “human rights” organizations, can be counted on by Washington to demonize the Russian and Chinese governments for harsh measures against “rebels.”

Another advantage of the radicalization of Muslims is that it leaves former Muslim countries in long-term turmoil or civil wars, as is currently the case in Iraq and Libya, thus removing any organized state power from obstructing Israeli purposes.

Secretary of State John Kerry is working the phones using bribes and threats to build acceptance, if not support, for Washington’s war crime-in-the-making against Syria.

Washington is driving the world closer to nuclear war than it ever was even in the most dangerous periods of the Cold War. When Washington finishes with Syria, the next target is Iran. Russia and China will no longer be able to fool themselves that there is any system of international law or restraint on Western criminality. Western aggression is already forcing both countries to develop their strategic nuclear forces and to curtail the Western-financed NGOs that pose as “human rights organizations,” but in reality comprise a fifth column that Washington can use to destroy the legitimacy of the Russian and Chinese governments.

Russia and China have been extremely careless in their dealings with the United States. Essentially, the Russian political opposition is financed by Washington. Even the Chinese government is being undermined. When a US corporation opens a company in China, it creates a Chinese board on which are put relatives of the local political authorities. These boards create a conduit for payments that influence the decisions and loyalties of local and regional party members. The US has penetrated Chinese universities and intellectual attitudes. The Rockefeller University is active in China as is Rockefeller philanthropy. Dissenting voices are being created that are arrayed against the Chinese government. Demands for “liberalization” can resurrect regional and ethnic differences and undermine the cohesiveness of the national government.

Once Russia and China realize that they are riven with American fifth columns, isolated diplomatically, and outgunned militarily, nuclear weapons become the only guarantor of their sovereignty. This suggests that nuclear war is likely to terminate humanity well before humanity succumbs to global warming or rising national debts.




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