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Stop The Terror Of The US Drone Killing Machine

Above photo: Ajmal Ahmadi weeps alone in a room after 10 members of his family, including 6 children were killed in a U.S. drone strike in Kabul, Afghanistan on August 29, 2021. Marcus Yam/Los Angeles Times.

Why We Go to Creech…

Shut Down Creech, Fall Action Week 

Sun, Sept 26th – Sat, Oct 2nd

Please Join Us!
p>Did you hear about the 3 Afghan toddler girls whose flesh was ripped to pieces by a U.S. Drone Strike last Sunday?  Striking in a Kabul NEIGHBORHOOD the attack also killed 4 other children, including 2 more under 6 years old!  The grief on Amal Ahmadi’s face tells it all!  10 civilian family members dead, 7 of them children, body parts everywhere, and bodies unrecognizable.  It was a horrific and tragic scene.

And then there was last Friday’s U.S. drone strike in Nangarhar Province that U.S. officials claimed killed two “high profile” ISIS-K targets.”  A witness reported, “…rickshaws were burning.  Children and women were wounded and one man, one boy and one woman had been killed on the spot.”


Please consider joining us for a week of nonviolent resistance at Creech Killer Drone Base!  Stopping Drone Terror, One Blockade at a Time!  Co-sponsored by VETERANS FOR PEACE.

Come for part or all of the week.


Help Us Better Prepare by Registering Early!


Join the Creecher Community at CAMP JUSTICE….Working Toward Peace & Justice Together!

More information about SDC:

  • Check out creative & impactful past actions: Scenes from Creech: Resisting Drones One Blockade at a Time (5 min.
  • Transportation:  We are using the registration form to help organize carpools and caravans to Shut Down Creech. Offering rides or need a ride to/from SDC?  Contact Casey: Need a ride to/from Las Vegas airport or bus station to/from Camp Justice? Contact Eleanor:
  • COVID Safety: In times of the COVID pandemic & more virulent strains, we are taking your well being very carefully. Vaccinated and unvaccinated people are both welcome, as we respect the mindful choices people have made. Please contact us for concerns or read our COVID-safety  guidelines.

Exciting plans or SDC Fall 2021:

  • Meet 3 of the newest Veterans For Peace Staff at SDC!        (Exec. Director Garett Reppenhagen, Jules Vaquera & Chris Velazquez ) Chris is overseeing the rapidly expanding Gamers For Peace campaign and Jules is the new membership coordinator (and is overseeing music at SDC). .
  • Music: Nightly drumming and music circles (bring your instruments!)
  • Nonviolence Training
  • Daily morning stretch & meditation by VFP Casey Stinemetz
  • Evening Talent Show: Bring your poetry, music, and other gifts to share.
  • Film Showings and discussion: Freedom Riders Sir No Sir
  • Nature Excursions: wild horses, desert walks, Desert National Wildlife Refuge
  • Las Vegas Street Theater (TBD)
  • Bring your favorite animal costume for: CREECHERS FOR THE PLANET vigil….a playful attempt to communicate the urgency of ending global militarism for the survival of the planet.
  • Friday Goodbye Vigil at Creech: FLY A KITE NOT A DRONE.
  • We need more volunteers/helpers. Reach out to us: What can you offer?

We are going to have a BLAST in the Nevada Desert! We really appreciate everyone’s participation in Shut Down Creech, helping to create a more peaceful and just world.

Contact Us Here.

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