Stop The TPP: Tell USTR ‘No To This Bad Deal!’

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Trade ministers from around the world are meeting in Atlanta, GA today through Thursday in a desperate attempt to finalize the text of the TransPacific Partnership (TPP). Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is feeling pressured by the October 19 elections as the opposition parties step up their criticism of the TPP.

People are rising up in protest to this deal that is bad for people and the planet!


In Ottawa, Canada, farmers brought their tractors to the capital to demonstrate against the harmful impacts the TPP will have on local dairy farms. Read more here.

In Atlanta, Georgia, a coalition of groups are holding a series of actions this week. Click here for details.

If you can’t be there in Atlanta, take action by signing the petition below to the US Trade Representative. It will send an email directly to their inbox. Let’s flood the USTR with emails telling them to stop this bad deal!

[emailpetition id=”29″]

Mark your calendar for the November days of mass action in Washington, DC. There will be a two-day action training with Bill Moyer of the Backbone Campaign, three days of creative action and more. There will be something for everyone. Don’t miss it!¬†¬†Click here for details.