Stop Union Busting And Post Office Privatization By Staples

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National Day of Action – All 4 Postal Unions & Community

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National Statement Of United Public Workers For Action – UPWA

The national protest on April, 24, 2014 called by the American Postal Workers Union APWU and other postal unions is an important step in fighting the privatization and destruction and looting of our US post office.

The privatization is being implemented to benefit capitalists like Mitt Romney who owns Staples and is part and parcel of the destruction of public services from the privatization of the schools through charters and corporate testing to the privatization and outsourcing of public transit by Veolia and other companies.

We need to unite the 11 million public workers in the United States to launch a real political education campaign against the privatization of Staples and all other profiteers and union busters. This is not only a US issue but a global struggle and in Canada they have already ended postal delivery to homes harming the seniors and tens of millions of working people.

We need regular national mobilizations that unites public workers to and the broader working class to initiate a nationwide strike movement and work site occupations against privatization to stop the theft. Defense of our standards of living is a human and workers right. It is essential for all of labor to fight, in united action, against the austerity drive to privatize the Post Office, Public Transit, Public Utilities and schools.

It is not only the Republicans that are pushing these attacks by Democratic politicians in every state, the corporate controlled Congress and the Obamaadministration which wants to end 6 day service.

At the same time we fight all privatizations, workers need a labor movement that runs independent labor working class candidates who will defend our public services and organize workers tribunals for the criminal prosecution of these crooks like Senator Diane Feinsteins’ husband Richard Blum who owns CBRE Group Inc. which got a crooked bid contract to sell off the post office to his pals for billions.

The growing corruption crisis in the US is a direct result of the privatization drive by these corporate criminals and their political friends in Congress who benefit from stealing our public resources.This direct relationship between the privateers, the Democratic Party agents and our unions must be smashed by the self-activity of the rank and file also end if we are to seriously so as to stop the privatizations.

The United Public Workers For Action is an national network of public workers and worker activists who are fighting to defend public services and public workers.

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