strategy-iconThe section provides articles on strategy to assist you in making your campaigns more effective. They include case studies of social movements and information about the current resistance environment. Visit the Resources Page for links to organizations that provide both online and in-person training on strategy and tools for designing and evaluating your campaigns and actions.

Black Radical Internationalist Traditions

By Roy Singham, Black Agenda Report. -

In the 1950’s and 1960’s, it became a juxtaposition of highly educated workers for the most advanced productive forces on the planet, but developed within the unresolved, deeply violent, four hundred year-long colonial and racist architecture of [...]

‘Terror’ Designation Should Not Deter US-Based Activism

By Omar Zahzah And Nadya Tannous, The Electronic Intifada. -

It was a move quite aptly characterized as “authoritarian and repressive” by Palestinian poet and writer Mohammed El-Kurd in The Nation. On 19 October, the Israeli settler-colonial state designated six Palestinian human rights groups as “terror [...]

Let’s Find Alternatives To Striking

By Rasmus Hästbacka, Organizing Work. -

While the LO, TCO and Saco top officials suffer from consensus fundamentalism, opposition among the grassroots often suffers from a fixation on strikes. Among the grassroots labor movement in Sweden, a call for big strikes or even a general [...]

How To Fight For A Better World When Hope Feels Scarce

By Katey Lauer, Waging Nonviolence. -

This question of what we do doesn’t exactly feel like it gets at the heaviness that’s in me, that’s in us. I’ve spent the last three years asking, in the face of enormous difficulty, “What do we do now?” and I’ve learned that coming up with a [...]

The Labor Upsurge Of The 1930s And ’40s In The US

By Michael Goldfield And Cody R. Melcher, Organizing Upgrade. -

Union growth tends to take place in huge waves. As the most astute analysts have noted, during normal times very little seems to happen. Then, often unexpectedly, enormous gains are made. To be sure, there is plenty that organizers can do during [...]

Is Sabotage Needed To Save The Earth?

By Brian Martin, Waging Nonviolence. -

Imagine you are a climate-change campaigner. You’ve studied research findings and know that unless greenhouse gas emissions are greatly reduced very soon, future generations will likely suffer catastrophic impacts. You’ve protested for years, [...]

2.4 Degrees Is A Disaster – But COP Won’t Stop It

By Chris Saltmarsh, Tribune Magazine. -

Regardless of the outcome of COP26, one inevitability is that the rich and powerful celebrate whatever the conference produces as vital progress. Only a disaster on the level of COP15 in Copenhagen might put a stop to the self-congratulatory [...]

Farmers In Solidarity With Striking Workers

By Julie Keown-Bomar, In These Times. -

It’s going to be a very good year for the top dogs and shareholders at Deere & Co. The Iowa-based equipment manufacturer says it earned more in the first nine months of its fiscal year than during its best year in 2013. The corporation’s [...]

COVID Hit The Working Class Hardest, But The Traditional Left Is Deaf To Them

By Dakotah Lilly, RT. -

The ruling class across Europe and in the US would rather see people divided than united against oligarchy, that’s why Left populism coupled with the working-class outlook represents a greater threat to the establishment. In the aftermath of [...]

Why Defending Nicaragua Is Important

By Stephen Sefton, Black Agenda Report. -

Since at least the start of the 21st century, if not earlier, two global trends have emerged very clearly. Firstly, increased North American and European aggression overseas has been accompanied by increased economic and political domestic [...]

Who Will Pay For The Damage From Climate Change?

By Rick Kohn, LA Progressive. -

To people in developing countries, it seems clear, the wealthy countries that caused most of the problem of climate change should pay the most to adapt to it and to solve the problem.  But instead, countries like the United States lecture low [...]

The Great Recoil Of Neoliberal Globalization

By Paolo Gerbaudo, ROAR Magazine. -

The current political era is best understood as a “great recoil” of economic globalization. It is a moment when the coordinates of historical development seem to be inverting, upsetting many of the assumptions that dominated politics and [...]

Chile, Two Years After The Popular Uprising

By Atilio Boron, Orinoco Tribune. -

That October 18, 2019 was a blow that, in one fell swoop, brought down the deceptive façade of the conservative regime and inaugurated a new stage in the history of Chile. The enormous injustices maintained and deepened during the very slow (and [...]

Activism Needs To Be Part Of Any Meaningful Climate Education

By Nick Engelfried, Waging Nonviolence. -

Last month, crowds of young people and supporters gathered in 1,500 locations around the world for one of the largest youth-led climate protests since countries began emerging from the most restrictive phase of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many [...]

Workers Have Leverage

By Luis Feliz Leon and Dan DiMaggio, Labor Notes. -

The capitalist vultures are wheeling low, but they’re finding slim pickings to choose from these days. “No one wants to work!” The bosses whine about a worker shortage—though it’s one they brought about. Eighteenth-century British [...]