Strike Debt Moves From Jubilee To Refusal

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We want you to know about the publication of Creditocracy and the Case for Debt Refusal by Andrew Ross, a long-standing member of Strike Debt. The book analyzes the making of the debt crisis, presents arguments about the need for economic disobedience, and imagines an alternative economy. More on the book here.

The publisher, OR Books, has an exclusive offer for supporters of Strike Debt. Creditocracy is available at a 25% discount for a limited time. Simply use the code STRIKEDEBT at checkout. Or, send a blank email to to read the first chapter of the book, absolutely free.

NYC book launch events are scheduled for the Brecht Forum on February 19th, and 20 Cooper Square on February 23rd.

Creditocracy and the Case for Debt Refusal also marks the transition of Strike Debt beyond the Rolling Jubilee, which successfully abolished almost $15m of debt in one year. Conceived as a limited project, the Rolling Jubilee had an enormous public impact, and far surpassed our goals. While we still have funds to spend on debt buys, we have closed the fund for new contributions so that we can focus our energies on the larger, more long-term goal of building a debtors’ movement. If you want to set up your own Strike Debt chapter, starting with a reading group of Creditocracy is a good way to get one going in your area.

In addition, The Debt Resisters’ Operations Manual, which has circulated far and wide as a pamphlet, has been revised and expanded and will soon be released in book form. The new book will be published by Common Notions/PM Press in March, and we will notify you then about similar discounts for Strike Debt supporters.

You Are Not A Loan,
Strike Debt