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Students At Portland State Kick Off Divestment Campaign

In celebration of Earth Day and to mark the beginning of the Global Climate Convergence, students and alumni at Portland State kicked off their campaign to end PSU’s ties to the fossil fuel industry and Wall St.

With their endowment, foundation, and board of trustees deeply connected to the destruction of our communities at home and abroad, PSU can no longer brand itself as a “green” or “sustainable” university. PSU’s branding is handled by Gard Communications, who market PSU as a green university while also doing PR for coal exporting proposals along the Columbia. Even one of PSU’s buildings, the Peter Stott center, is named after a profiteer from the tar sands infrastructure-shipping company Omega-Morgan.

We as students, alumni, and community members are waging a campaign on all fronts to ensure that the university claiming “Let knowledge serve the city” can no longer greenwash its image and is truly dedicated to putting People, Planet, and Peace over Profit.


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