Students, Community Demand Justice For Jeremy “Jed” Lett

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Above photo from the night of the shooting.

Tallahassee Dream Defenders and community members demand justice for Jeremy “Jed” Lett  through the firing of the police officer David Stith  who killed 28 year old, Jeremy Lett.      

On February  25, 2015, Tallahassee community members and students will be coming together to rally against police terror  and misconduct . This is part of a nationwide initiative to curb police violence happening in our own cities.

1jedlettOn February 3rd, 2015, a young man by the name of Jeremy “Jed” Lett was killed from multiple gun shots by off duty police David Stith outside Shadow Ridge Apartments . The officer has been placed on administrative leave with pay. The officer apparently felt that Lett looked like a robbery suspect .  The Tallahassee community is saddened by the loss of another one of its black youth, and outraged for the reason why an officer decided to shoot at this innocent and unarmed man .

Community members and students are coming together this Wednesday  to show their support for Jeremy Lett and all victims of police violence  as they push for the cop(s) to get fired.  Protesters  will also be remembering those who have lost their lives due to police brutality and racist vigilantism in the state of Florida, Tallahassee and the US nationally.

The rally will be held at 1:30 pm at Leon County Court House at  Leon County Courthouse , 301 South Monroe St.