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Students Of Venezuela March In Support Of Palestine

Above photo: Venezuelan students marching in support of Palestine in Caracas, April 30, 2024. VTV.

University and high school students from Venezuela took the streets of Caracas to demand an end to the genocide of the Palestinian people carried out by the Zionist state of Israel. The Venezuelan students’ rallies coincide with a similar student movement in the US that is facing police repression by a government that allegedly is the beacon of democracy.

More than 34,500 Palestinians have since been killed since October 7, 2023, most of them women and children, and over 77,700 are reported as injured amid mass destruction and severe shortages of basic necessities caused by the indiscriminate and criminal Israeli bombings.

On Tuesday, April 30, starting from the Bolivarian University of Venezuela in Caracas, students from more than 70 educational institutions in the country marched to the National Assembly in solidarity with those massacred in the Gaza Strip by he Israeli occupation army.

During the march, a student of the National Experimental University of Telecommunications and Informatics, Jhonatan Velásquez, urged the Venezuelan people and the international community to raise their voice against the genocide in favor of world peace.

He said, “Our youth, we the young people, are aware of the historical moment we are experiencing, that is why we raise our voice to demand that the massacre of young people stop.”

Trina González, a student of the Simón Rodríguez University, Amazonas state campus, said that this student mobilization was not only in defense of Palestine but also to strengthen the future of Venezuela.

Meanwhile, José Lozada, a student of the National Experimental Polytechnic University of the Bolivarian National Armed Force (UNEFA), Puerto Píritu campus, Anzoátegui state, said that the students’ march demonstrates the solidarity and human quality that characterize Venezuelans.

The Palestinian ambassador to Venezuela, Fadi Alzaben, participated in the march and highlighted that it was an honor to join the Venezuelan youth who have taken to the streets to show solidarity with Palestine.

He said, “We as Palestinians appreciate all the support and all the solidarity of the Venezuelan government and the youth of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela.”

He also took the opportunity to send greetings to President Nicolás Maduro and the first vice president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), Diosdado Cabello. “Long live the brotherhood of peoples!” he added.

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