Study Finds Only Wealthy Represented In Senate

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‘Oligarchic tendencies’: Study finds only the wealthy get represented in the Senate

Members of the U.S. Senate do not respond equally to the views of all their constituents, according to research to be published in Political Research Quarterly next month.

Senators overall represent their wealthiest constituents, while those on bottom of the economic rung are neglected.“The fact that lower income groups seem to be ignored by elected officials, although not a new finding, remains a troubling observation in American politics,” Thomas J. Hayes of Trinity University wrote in his study.

In all of the five Congresses examined, the voting records of Senators were consistently aligned with the opinions of their wealthiest constituents. The opinions of lower-class constituents, however, never appeared to influence the Senators’ voting behavior.

The neglect of lower income groups was a bipartisan affair. Democrats were not any more responsive to the poor than Republicans.

Contrary to popular opinion, it was Democrats — not Republicans — who were more responsive to upper-class opinion in the 111th Congress.

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  • To repeat:

    Contrary to popular opinion, it was Democrats — not Republicans — who
    were more responsive to upper-class opinion in the 111th Congress.

    Okay, my Democratic Party friends: put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  • The public struggles to fit everything into the belief system that is perpetuated by bipartisan political systems participants which maintains the illusion of choice for the voters and contributors. So much so that the significance of what disaster for the public passed under which administration. NAFTA, for example was signed by Bill Clinton, a democrat.
    Ross Perot’s warnings of a, “giant sucking sound” were apparently unheeded.
    But, was the warning ignored by all, or just by those in government at the time?
    How can moving US jobs to Mexico while moving millions of Mexicans to the US possibly be seen a good thing?
    And yet, the current government is entertaining the prospect of another trade agreement. A thing which should be a non-starter, they would like to “fast-track.” (The public won’t catch on?)
    The spouse of the person responsible for this (NAFTA) betrayal of middle class and working US citizens, to date, appears to be the leading democratic candidate for the 2016 presidential election.
    If this development is our best hope, shouldn’t we be asking why didn’t she talk Bill out of signing the dawmed thing?

  • Someone recently reminded me that it was Republicans that brought in most of our environmental legislation. From Teddy Roosevelt to Richard Nixon to Bush Sr. Even Reagan and Bush Jr. did little to dismantle any environmental regulations. My how times have changed.

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