Survivors From The MK Ultra Program Come Together To Sue The Federal Government

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  • The Facts:Most people don’t know the US Government disclosed the existence of this program that was being secretly performed on the American people for years.
  • Reflect On:Why would the US Government be concerned with learning how to mind control people?

According to this CTV News article, survivors and families of an MK Ultra brainwashing program run by Dr. Ewen Cameron at McGill University in Montreal in the 1950s and 1960s have banded together to bring the horrors of this program more fully into the public eye.

They are planning a class action lawsuit against the provincial and federal government, an initiative which lawyer Alan Stein feels optimistic about:

“I believe we can claim moral damages as a result of the experiments when Dr. Cameron used these people as guinea pigs.”—lawyer Alan Stein

There is reason to take Alan Stein seriously in this matter. He has successfully represented numerous survivors who were once patients at the infamous Allan Memorial Institute at McGill University.

In 1992, then Justice Minister Kim Campbell compensated 77 former patients of the program, but denied others a payout because they were deemed not damaged enough. Stein has handled several lawsuits and out of court settlements since.

Public Apology Is Primary

What is different with this class action suit is that the primary objective of the victims is a public apology and an admission of complicity on the part of the government. In previously successful individual lawsuits, money was paid out based on the extent of damage—such as the degree to which the victim had reached a ‘childlike state’—and not on the fundamental principal that citizens’ human rights had been egregiously violated.

I will not detail the litany of human rights abuses that were perpetrated by the MK Ultra program here. This episode of the Fifth Estate might be a good place to start if you are interested in getting more details about the kind of cruel and subversive treatment victims had to endure, treatment that often damaged patients for life. Suffice it to say that none of the patients provided informed consent or knew that they were being used for Cameron’s CIA and federally funded research. Instead, they were wrongly told their treatments were medically necessary and for their own well-being.

Forced Non-Disclosure

Those survivors who were deemed damaged enough to warrant compensation or the family members who were fighting on their behalf were forced by the government to sign non-disclosure agreements. Much of the motivation behind survivors and their families coming together this time and taking collective action is borne out of the frustration that the government continues to do everything in its power to hush up the existence of this program and prevent revelations of these inhumane acts from becoming part of everyday discourse.

These events, like the holocaust, should become strongly ingrained into our collective psyches so that we can heal from them, and also empower ourselves to prevent this abuse of authority from happening in the future.

What is promising is that more and more people are rejecting the avenue of getting paid off for their silence, and are motivated to bring acts of human atrocity to the light of day, forcing those implicated to take public responsibility. The more the government resists the processes needed for healing and reconciliation that are clearly in the interests of its citizens, the deeper their hidden complicity in these tragedies will appear to those with eyes to see.

  • voza0db

    If american terrorists are willing to do such lovely experiments on other americans… It’s also very plausible that these same terrorists took the now “COVID-19” to China embedded in the terrorist military delegation to participate in the 7th CISM Military World Games that was held from October 18–27, 2019 in the capital of Hubei Province in Wuhan, China.

    Funny the time coincidence!

  • rgaura

    Those who perpetrated these experiments should be held accountable, and current experiments need to be exposed and stopped. These `experiments´ were sadistic, cruel, and highly illegal. No doubt they continue.

  • mwildfire

    That makes no sense. First of all, these experiments were in Canada not the US–and secondly “these same terrorists” are mostly aged or dead now–this was in the 50s and 60s.
    But I suppose you mean the same sort, CIA snakes. Damn it, not snakes–rats? We need a word that suggests sneaky evil but doesn’t blame innocent animals for human sins.
    Interesting conspiracy theory–my husband read somewhere that China’s only high security biolab is in Wuhan. If true, there’s another theory.

  • voza0db

    Americans, canadians… it’s all the same.

    umanshit that’s a good word for that!

    The fact that China has a biolab in Wuhan makes the other hypothesis even more credible because the american terrorists can always blame China and that biolab for it. Don’t forget that they know what China was(is) doing in that biolab…

    In today’s wonderful and glorious Uman Civilization we’ve so many degenerate crazy umanshits playing with biological code that it wouldn’t surprised me at all that this was really a USofT biowar event.

    The main reason for it: CAUSE a huge distraction to clean the MAIN SYSTEM.

  • Jon

    I have seen multiple references to a high level bio-weapons lab in Wuhan. Can’t cite sources just now though.

  • mwildfire

    Well, it wouldn’t surprise me either. Not sure what you mean by that last but I can think of a number of reasons: eliminate a percentage of the surplus population, especially the old and weak (useless); drop the GHG emissions drastically in a way that doesn’t piss off the populace because it doesn’t look deliberate; provide cover for the economic crash they know is coming, provide cover for cancelling the US elections…

  • shumee

    Sue the government, the bill will be paid by taxpayers. Was it really the government or the ultra-rich mafia families? Isn’t that who they need to sue?

  • Randal Turner

    I was a victim of MKUltra in 1976 they tested a drug on me, in 1979 they had me poison Nelson Rockefeller, in 1981 they used me during the Reagan assassination which I proved in court – Sealed due to national security. They didn’t stop the MKUltra program they just hid it. I have been used throughout my life from 1979-2013 to kill many people while under mind control drugs and programming.

  • Andrea Duncan

    I’m a survivor of the Monarch mind control program! They couldn’t program me! 🙂 They are still gangstalking me!

  • Mona TI

    Recently targeted and trafficked in USA Hays kansas is still ongoing.

  • Rakeal Sauble

    wuhan institute of virology

  • Leslie Cottle

    Where did they do the testing on you in ’79? Were you in Canada or the US? I read the article… it’s beyond criminal what they’ve done to you and everyone else.

  • Leslie Cottle

    Did anyone else hear that the virus was stolen by a Chinese employee of a lab in Winnipeg, Canada and brought to China? That’s one rumour circulating.

  • Leslie Cottle

    The CIA paid Dr. Cameron initially to run the experiments in Montreal at the Allen Memorial Institute which was affiliated with McGill University. He was chosen because of his experiments referred to as “psychic driving,” a form of subliminal suggestion with patients forced to sleep for weeks or even months with tape recorded messages repeating certain directions running non-stop. Perhaps they adding of LSD and other horrific cocktails of drugs, along with the dangerously high bouts of electro-shock treatments were added to the torture once the CIA got involved, I’m not sure. Though, I’m sure the CIA were monitoring it all very closely, they were financing the project after all. And if I’m not mistaken, initially the Canadian government claimed they had no knowledge of the project, but I believe that was not the case and they have admitted knowledge of the experiments which is why the victims are suing the Canadian government but I believe they have been blocked from suing the US government/CIA, the ones over-seeing, directing and financing the carnage but perhaps in a class-action suit they will have better luck. I agree with another commenter, the experiments didn’t stop, they just went underground once it the atrocities were outed and made public. I think the list of victims is much longer and perhaps many aren’t yet aware they were involved. I heard they were also doing extensive experimentation on children but that information is harder to find and probably wasn’t limited to the Allen Memorial Institute. Some things may never be public. There was a film made years ago on the subject called “The Sleep Room.” I found it on youtube. And there are a few interesting Fifth Estate episodes that go into the awful details of what the poor victims were forced to endure. The first episode is from 1980. It’s rather disturbing to say the least. I can’t believe they actually got away with this for so long and continue to. This needs to be outed completely and shut down once and for all….though highly doubtful unfortunately.

  • Leslie Cottle

    OMG!! That’s horrible!!

  • Leslie Cottle

    That’s horrific!! Do you remember it all? You would think they would just leave you alone already, that’s just nasty, good luck, I hope they stop!!

  • Leslie Cottle

    Where Canada is concerned, I think the families have already and some still are suing the government because they were aware and were complicit which is horrible enough. I don’t think they were actually behind, then again, who really knows?? From what I heard about one of the lawsuits, the woman or her family was awarded a pathetic sum of $100,000 considering her entire life was robbed from her and I think she was somehow blocked from suing the US government/CIA which is not right because they were behind it and financed Dr. Cameron and whoever else was involved. And I think she and or her family got hit with a gag order. This was a few years ago, it must be online to verify.

  • Ashley

    There is far more gruesome details that are not being mentioned. Which is understandable but I believe that mkultra is also connected to the illuminati and the Woodstock and the skull and cross bones and far more.

  • Andrea Duncan

    I do remember it all, by the Grace of God I was fragmented by childhood abuse and their efforts were in vain. It almost killed me.

  • Andrea Duncan

    I have witten a secret and hidden manuscript with the timeline, details, etc. which is titled “Amazing Grace.”

  • Andrea Duncan

    I have been taken to Skull and Bones where I was photographed in front of the building. Also, I was photographed atop the Wall Street bull before I knew I was a slave.

  • Andrea Duncan

    They attempted to traffic me from this country by photographing my passport and flight info by a man who tried to rape me while I was in Canada for work. I could tell you horror stories

  • Andrea Duncan

    In fact they photographed me on the Wall Street bull and in front of Skull and and bones

  • Leslie Cottle

    I’m so sorry you endured all that. Stay strong!! Make sure there are several copies hidden very well and get it published. They need to be outed and stopped. Don’t trust anyone, they don’t want this truth getting out. Stay safe!

  • Andrea Duncan

    Thank you Leslie! I have cleverly withheld major chinks which are stored in my head and only in my head. It’s secure also… @ a bank in a security vault. Oddly enough the “good ppl” in this battle are attempting to broaden my platform via exposure in the film industry, I know there is something up their sleeve. I was censored totally from social media for posting links to rid oneself from the evil ones and gangstalkers. Also I was banned from posting because I found some classified info on the CoV

  • Andrea Duncan
  • Andrea Duncan

    Hurry and check it out before they yank it down! Also note the FB page which I got this from. They are small groups which need to be put on blast. The CoV is nothing but activated “smart” dust aka chemtrails combined with things we have received from vaccines such as fetus parts.

  • Andrea Duncan
  • Andrea Duncan

    They also texted me the latter picture. It caused me to see white, tinnitus, racing heart, vomiting. They followed it with “was it something I said?”

  • raredesertflower 1

    Allen Dulles, former Director of the CIA, authorized Mk-Ultra in 1953. In the U.S., major universities, hospitals, military bases and research institutes were involved in CIA-sponsored trauma-based mind control experiments, aka Mk-Ultra. Stanford Research Institute-(SRI) in Menlo Park, CA was heavily involved with Mk-Ultra from 1953-1969. My twin sister and I were held hostage at SRI, along with many other little children, during the 1960’s and used as guinea pigs in the Mk-Ultra program. We were subjected to years of induced trauma, various forms of torture, severe neglect and deprivation. The director of the Mk-Ultra experiments at SRI was Nazi war criminal/CIA asset Josef Mengele. I was also used in CIA child sex trafficking. I have 40,000 declassified CIA documents and lots of other evidence to prove that what I’m saying is true.

  • Including Robert Duncan Ophinean?

  • Andrea Duncan

    Who is this individual?

  • He was a Manchurian candidate. You can hear his story in the Manchurian candidate episode of conspiracy theory with Jesse Ventura.

  • I actually got to see that building when I was forced to tag attend my older cousin’s graduation from yale.

  • Hope you stay free sweetheart.😚 And if you ever find those who abused you, I hope you do not kill them too quickly.😈

  • Andrea Duncan

    Thank you, I watched the episode and it was strikingly familiar. The only difference is that Robert Duncan Ophinean went though “Theta” programming as opposed to “Beta Programming” which individuals in “Project Monarch” endure.

  • Andrea Duncan

    Thank you so much, I apologize for the lapse in reply however I have trouble logging in as all of my devices and accounts are hacked. I posted on FB regarding surviving “Project Monarch” and it was c—— immediately. I still have handlers contacting me per their timeline agenda. I am certian that God protected me and let me survive this program, one of my handlers txted me “Look at it from the bright side, you are a living proof because most of the cases wind up with the girl being dead.” This means that the casualties of “Project Monarch” either wind up dead from the sheer torture/trauma we have endured ending up in a permanently catatonic state or the “subject” kills themselves via “them” activating the victim’s “self-destruct alter” which is an alter which has been programmed into one’s psyche to automatically commit suicide.

  • Andrea Duncan

    Yes it is… there are over two million individuals at any given time who are enduring “Project Monarch” at any given time just in the USA only.

  • Andrea Duncan

    Absolutely….. it is torturous to endure… I remember laying on the couch begging and crying for him to shoot me.

  • Andrea Duncan

    This is a common practice in our current society. “Project Monarch”

  • Andrea Duncan

    Absolutely correct. The cabal is responsible for this…..

  • I hope you found a nice guy to keep you safe and happy.

  • What’s the difference?

  • Andrea Duncan

    Thank you.

  • Andrea Duncan

    Theta programming is used to create killing machines (as in the M. Candidate) and beta programming is aka “sex kitten” programming. Beta programming is known to be the most difficult programming to endure

  • Andrea Duncan

    I know for a fact that this is a genetically-engineered bioweapon (amongst many other pathogens which is being called the “coronavirus.”) I have screenshots from a conversation with an intelligence/AI engineer working for the USAF/USSF. I keep trying to post the photos however on my phone will not allow me to post images and my computer keeps telling me that I’m not logged in.

  • Leslie Cottle

    This must be stopped!!!! They need to be exposed and taken down.

  • So did you?