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Syria Shows Evidence: Terrorists Have Used Chemical Weapons

Above: Photo from video of chemical weapons, made in Saudi Arabia found among Syrian rebels. Source Alalam where you can see the video.

Syria’s government presents evidence that terrorists used chemical agents.

The Syrian government in the capital Damascus shows further evidence that chemical weapons have been used by the foreign-backed terrorist groups in the Syrian conflict.

The so far presented evidence by the Syrian government in Damascus is especially about the recent events near the capital (e.g. in the suburb of Jobar) and refutes the Western allegations that the units of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) have used chemical agents / weapons in the battles against the foreign-supported terrorist groups near the capital, Damascus.

The presentation of further evidence showing that the armed terrorist groups on Syrian soil have used chemical weapons is continued by the Syrian government in Damascus and it seems to clearly refute the propaganda by Western mass media and governments that the Syrian forces have used chemical weapons against the religious fanatics and terrorists near the capital of the still secular Arab nation.

For example, units of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) found several barrels filled with toxic substances in a raid of a terrorist warehouse in Jobar, a suburb of the Syrian capital Damascus.

The barrels were produced in Saudi Arabia and contained toxic substances. The Syrian TV channel has already published videos and images of these Saudi-made chemical containers / barrels that were found by units of the Syrian Army in a raid of a warehouse that belonged to the foreign-supported terrorists in Jobar (Dschobar).

Beside the Saudi-made chemical containers (the barrels containing toxic substances), the Syrian forces also found several pills for the neutralisation of the effects that are caused by the exposure to such chemicals and some gas masks, according to the reports by the local Syrian TV channel.

Further, several soldiers among the raid of the Syrian Army in this area of Jobar near Damascus suffered from low to serious respiratory problems, eye burning and irritation as well as throat burning, weak pulse, dilated pupils and muscular contractions. According to the reports, the foreign-backed terrorists and jihadists have sprayed gases in order to prevent the Syrian army from entering their warehouse and to seize the Saudi-made barrels filled with toxic substances.

Some statements by medical sources from Syria say that such symptoms appear in the case when Sarin nerve gas or other chemical substances are inhaled by humans and this is correct, of course. It is not the first time that sarin nerve gas has been mentioned in terms of the serious topic about the use of chemical weapons in and around the Syrian conflict.

According to a Russian investigation of several samples from the location of attack by licensed experts, they have found first-hand evidence that a group of terrorists has used sarin nerve gas in an attack against Syrian civilians and soldiers in the area of Khan al-Assal (Khan al-Asal) near the strategically important Syrian city of Aleppo (Halab).

The attack by the terrorists against the Syrians in Khan al-Assal was carried out in March, 2013. The results and documentation of the Russian investigation of the samples from the location of attack in Khan al-Assal (al-Asal) was given into the hands of the United Nations (UN) about five weeks ago. However, since then, the United Nations (UN) stayed very quiet about this.

source from the Syrian Ministry of Defence spoke under the terms of anonymity about the use of chemical agents by the terrorists in Jobar and the sad results for several soldiers of the Syrian army. According to the official with the Syrian Ministry of Defence, a Syrian colonel was killed during the attack with chemical agents (e.g. sarin nerve gas?) against the units of the Syrian army by the terrorists. In addition, about 50 Syrian soldiers were hospitalized – some of them still with serious conditions and we hope the best for these hospitalized Syrian soldiers.

Further, a commander of the Syrian units in Jobar (near Damascus) said that a stash with explosive devices of up to 300 kilograms was found.

The units of the Syrian Army also found raw materials for the production of explosive devices, in addition to seized RPG and mortar projectiles, grenades and even several remote controls to activate the explosives in their military operations in Jobar, the now probably next “famous suburb” of the Syrian capital, Damascus.

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