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2016 Elections

The Nobodies Take Office In Colombia: An In-Depth Analysis

People are crying, embracing, yelling, as the streets fill with joy. Horns honk and people dance in the middle of avenues. They can’t believe that the news traveling by word of mouth, tweet to tweet, news show to news show, is really true. As the minutes and hours pass, they confirm that it is true: This June 19th they—the Nobodies—have won. “I am tingling from head to toes, overcome with emotion because I know that this is an historic accomplishment for all of us to remember. What joy! What happiness! Until dignity becomes customary!” says Ana Yuli Gamboa with a big smile—an Afro-Colombian woman from Cali who has come out to celebrate. Like Ana Yuli, little by little thousands took to the streets and plazas of the country to celebrate the victory of the Pacto Histórico, a victory that tastes like their own.

US Poverty Measure Fails To Meet Government Standards

The Census Bureau’s statement that only 10.5 percent of Americans were poor in 2020 is an utterly unreliable and inaccurate claim that does not provide a sound efficient basis for decisions and actions by governments, businesses, households, and other organizations. Federal statistical policy requires: “[s]tatistics produced by the Federal Government …. [to] meet high standards of reliability, accuracy, timeliness, and objectivity in order to provide a sound efficient basis for decisions and actions by governments, businesses, households, and other organizations.”

Report Unmasks FBI Intervention In 2016 Elections

The report issued Monday by Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz on the FBI investigation into the 2016 Trump election campaign documents the extraordinary political role played by this key police/intelligence agency in influencing the outcome of the 2016 election. The report underscores the fraud of the effort by the Democrats to impeach Trump on the grounds that he has invited “foreign intervention” into the 2020 elections. The greatest threat to American democracy comes not from Russia or any other foreign country...

New Study: “Russian Trolls” Did Not “Sow Discord” – They Influenced No One

The Internet Research Agency based in Russia spent a total of $100,000 to promote its own accounts. But only some $45,000 of that was spent before the election. It was 0.000007 cents for every election dollar that was spent during that time. It is statistically impossible that the mostly apolitical IRA spending had any effect on the election. The IRA ran a marketing machine and not a political operation was also obvious when one analyzed the content that those sock puppet accounts posted. Most of it was apolitical. Where it was political it covered both sides. A recently published study that looked at Twitter users who followed IRA sock puppet accounts and their content confirms that. It found that the IRA sock puppets had no influence on the opinions of their followers.

How Russiagate Displaced Analysis Of The 2016 Election

An honest and accurate analysis of the 2016 election is not just an academic exercise. It is very relevant to the current election campaign. Yet over the past two years, Russiagate has dominated media and political debate and largely replaced a serious analysis of the factors leading to Trump’s victory. The public has been flooded with the various elements of the story that Russia intervened and Trump colluded with them. The latter accusation was negated by the Mueller Report but elements of the Democratic Party and media refuse to move on.

Trump Climate Genocide Day Of Action

By Trump Climate Genocide. On November 8th last year Donald Trump was elected President of the USA. He was elected on a program to expand the use of fossil fuels, especially coal, and to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement - the only international agreement to limit climate-destabilising greenhouse gases that we have – a pledge that he has since turned into reality. The imminent threat of the catastrophic destabilisation of global climate is the defining reality of out time. It puts literally billions of lives at risk, well within this century. Yet the world is set on a trajectory towards global catastrophe meaning that failure to change course will result in a humanitarian tragedy of unthinkable scale.

Why Is Trump So Sensitive About The Small Turnout For His Inauguration?

By Jonathan Freedland for The Guardian - For it was Groucho Marx’s character – impersonated for that scene by brother Chico – who asked, in the 1933 classic Duck Soup, “Who are you going to believe, me or your own eyes?” In his first appearance at the podium as White House press secretary on Saturday, Sean Spicer adhered to that same Marxist doctrine by demanding that the media ignore the clear evidence of their own eyes, as well as photographs and video footage, and instead believe Trump’s claim that he had drawn record-breaking crowds to his inauguration ceremony the previous day. Or to be precise, “the largest audience to ever witness the inauguration – period. Both in person and around the globe.”

This Is A Coup: Homeland Security Takeover Of US Elections

By Jon Rappoport for Jon Rappoport's Blog - This is a coup. This is equivalent to declaring a national state of emergency, including martial law: the DHS, if it deemed it necessary, could utilize armed agents to enforce the new directive and take over states’ offices that resist. Election-processes belong to the states. But not anymore. And of course, with this awesome new power, the DHS could intercede, behind the scenes, in the voting process and rig elections. There is an additional aligned factor at work in this op: the proposed elimination of the Electoral College—yet another measure designed to “federalize” the election process. Most people are entirely ignorant of the fact that the Constitution was a pact among states.

The Embarrassing Report On Russian Influence Over US Election

By Moon of Alabama. Last week the U.S. Director of National Intelligence, the CIA, the NSA and the FBI released a report about alleged Russian hacking of the Democratic National Council and on Russian influence operation on the U.S. presidential election. The report failed to convince anyone. It is indeed a public relation disaster for the Intelligence Community. John Harwood covers "the economy and national politics for CNBC and the New York Times." More then 100,000 people follow him on Twitter. He is known as Hillary Clinton supporter and chummy with John Podesta who ran Clinton's election campaign. Harwood set up a simple poll. It is not statistically representative but gives a picture of a general sentiment: 83% believed Wikileaks, 17% believed US intelligence officials.

We Are Witnessing The Birth Pangs Of A Third Reconstruction

By William J. Barber, II for Think Progress - On election night I felt a great sadness for America — not a Democratic or Republican sadness, but a sadness for the heart and soul of the nation. It is impossible to react to the election of Donald Trump with anything less than moral outrage. Trump is, as David Remnick wrote for The New Yorker, “vulgarity unbounded,” and his election has not only struck fear in the hearts of the vulnerable but also given rise to hundreds of documented cases of harassment and intimidation. Trump ran his campaign sensing the feeling of dispossession and anxiety among millions of voters — white voters, in the main.

CIA, FBI, DHS And ODNI Sued For Records On Russian Interference In 2016 Election

By Staff of Sparrow Media - WASHINGTON, DC — The CIA, FBI, Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) are in violation of the Freedom of Information Act. Investigative journalist Jason Leopold and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) PhD candidate/Harvard Klein Center for Internet & Society research affiliate, Ryan Shapiro, filed a lawsuit yesterday against the FBI, CIA, DHS, and ODNI. The suit is over the agencies’ failures to comply with Shapiro and Leopold’s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests for records on Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Shapiro and Leopold’s FOIA requests and lawsuit...

Trump-Era Protests Escalate With Inauguration

By Joe Catron for Mint Press News - NEW YORK — Thousands of protesters who have mobilized nationally since the election of Donald Trump are planning a massive convergence in Washington against the presidential inauguration on Jan. 20. “We believe that we are entering a new period of mass mobilization in the United States,” Walter Smolarek, a spokesperson for the ANSWER Coalition, told MintPress News. ANSWER, which organized a number of major anti-war protests since its founding 15 years ago, is one of many groups mobilizing against the inauguration.

As We Protest Incoming President Trump, Let’s Not Play Political Ping Pong

By Thomas S. Harrington for Common Dreams - I would love to share, my liberal friend, in your sense of incredulity about the election of Donald Trump to the presidency of United States. I would love to stand with you in the sense of woundedness that, while certainly painful up front, carries with it the secondary compensation of a warm and nurturing solidarity. I would love to sit with you and fulminate in righteous anger about the unparalleled vulgarity and cruelty of Trump and his followers. As much as I’d like to do these things, I won’t. Why? Because I know you, perhaps better than you even dare to know yourself.

Disrupting The Inauguration: A #J20 Update

By Staff of DC Indy Media - From January 14-16, we’ll be organizing a series of trainings and workshops to get people ready for the upcoming actions, and to deepen our analysis and understanding of what is truly at stake under a Trump administration, how we can resist, and what we’re building towards. There will be in-depth Nonviolent Direct Action trainings, Self-Defense, Street Safety, and De-escalation trainings, Know Your Rights trainings, and many more. If you’d like to propose a workshop or training on either action or organizing skills, theory, or history, click here to fill out a quick submission form. We also want to create space for everyone who wants to protest to be able to participate safely.

#Earth2Trump: Campaign Kicking Off To Galvanize Resistance

By Andrea Germanos for Common Dreams - Sixteen-city tour will 'rally and empower defenders of civil rights and the environment. Under the banner of #Earth2Trump, a campaign to resist the upcoming administration's "dangerous agenda" is gearing up to take its message nationwide. The "resistance roadshow," spearheaded by the conservation organization Center for Biological Diversity, kicks off Jan. 2, 2017 in Oakland, Calif. and Seattle, and will bring speakers and musicians to 13 other cities before ending on Jan. 20—inauguration day—in Washington, D.C.. It's aimed at "rallying and empowering defenders of civil rights and the environment" to galvanize a network of resistance.
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