Newspapers Won’t Connect the Dots On Postal Service Threats

By Julie Hollar, Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting. -

More than six weeks after a bill was introduced to require vote-by-mail to be available for the November 3 elections, no federal steps have been taken to ensure a fair and free election in the [...]

Biden Dismisses Democratic Party Base’s Support For Medicare For All

By Bill Bianchi and Laura Christenson-Garcia, Popular Resistance. -

We often hear criticism of Donald Trump for, among other faults, his overwhelming Olympian arrogance, which drives millions of Democrats to pray daily for an end to his presidency.  But on the [...]

2020 Election Year Is An Opportunity For Transformational Change If We Embrace Our Power

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, Popular Resistance -

Although we do not tie our organizing to the election cycle, the 2020 election is an opportunity for the people to set the agenda for the 2020s. We need to show that whether Donald Trump or Joe [...]

Bernie Sanders Tests the Limits Of The US Political System

By Roger D. Harris, Popular Resistance -

That Sanders was once the frontrunner and might have swept the Democratic primaries is an indicator of the neoliberal order’s decay. The coronavirus pandemic was both the final blow to the [...]

Media Silent As Poll Workers Contract Covid-19 At Primaries That DNC, Biden Campaign Claimed Were Safe

By Katie Halper, -

Donald Trump is the single individual in US society most responsible for spreading dangerous misinformation about Covid-19 in the midst of a global pandemic. Anyone who echoes him, or his [...]

We Desperately Need A Mass Strike Against The Billionaire Class

By Mindy Isser, In These Times. -

The Democratic presidential primary is becoming a pitched battle between the interests of workers and billionaires—the type of fight that Jane McAlevey knows well. The author of A Collective [...]

Who Wants a Revolution? No One Who Owns A Major Media Outlet

By Julie Hollar, -

Just a few weeks ago, early Bernie Sanders primary victories had media scrambling to turn winning into losing (, 2/24/20) and to find ways to discredit his rise [...]

Resistance Episode 2: Shut It Down!

By Staff, Stewis Media GbR -

After the shock of the 2016 election started to sink in, activist groups across the United States began planning days of action and civil disobedience around inauguration day. They would not let [...]

The New Rules Of The Game

By Chris Hedges, -

The quadrennial political game of least worst, or how to scare the public to vote for presidential candidates who serve corporate power, comes this season with a new twist. Donald Trump, if he [...]

Why Are Democratic Candidates Taking Money From Union-Busting Lawyers?

By Andrea Beaty, -

The Iron Workers Union endorsed Joe Biden last week, citing his dedication to “defend rights and jobs of American workers”, and calling him “a friend to union ironworkers”. The union endorsement [...]

MSNBC Flips Out After Bernie Adviser Nina Turner Calls Bloomberg An ‘Oligarch’

By Justin Baragona, -

Moments before the Iowa Democratic caucuses kicked off Monday night, Bernie Sanders’ national campaign co-chair Nina Turner sparked fireworks on the MSNBC set when she repeatedly described [...]

The Progressive’s Guide To Corporate-Democrat Speak

By Richard J. Eskow, Economy for All -

If you’re confused, you’re not alone. Certain words and phrases are routinely used by “centrist” political candidates. By design, these terms are imprecise, emotionally charged, and often [...]

Trump: A War For Re-election

By Staff, Atilio Boron, translation, Resumen Latinoamericano, North America bureau -

One of the first lessons taught in every U.S. political system course is that wars tend to reverse the declining popularity of the presidents in this country. As Donald Trump’s approval rating [...]

Impeachment Indicts Both Parties And Clarifies Our Tasks In 2020

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, Popular Resistance. -

The Democratic Party's electoral strategy of impeaching Donald Trump is backfiring. Before impeachment, Trump was losing to each of the leading Democrats, but the latest USA Today/Suffolk [...]

Did The Dems Just Lose The 2020 Presidential Election?

By Bill Hughes, -

It’s appropriate that Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) wore a black dress when she presided on Wednesday evening, December 18th, over the House of Representatives when they voted for two Articles [...]

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