What Is An Abusive Relationship?

By Eleanor Goldfield, Artkillingapathy.com -

If you were to ask the average someone point blank: are you pro abusive relationships? I bet you they’d say no. They’d say no – I don’t think a woman should accept that love and abuse are a [...]

Another Critical Watchdog Report: Rotten Food, Decaying Mattresses At New Jersey ICE Contract Lockup

By Madeline Buiano, Publicintegrity.org -

Prior Inspector General reports have found medical neglect and other violations at other immigrant detention centers A Newark, New Jersey immigrant detention center has been feeding detainees [...]

Officers Accused Of Abuses Are Leading Chicago Police’s “Implicit Bias” Training Program

By Debbie Southorn and Sarah Lazare, Theintercept.com -

SERGIO HERRERA, A Chicago police officer, was accused in a 2010 lawsuit of teaming up with another officer to mace and beat a black man for no reason. The man was sitting in his parked car when [...]

Secret CIA Document Shows Plan To Test Drugs On Prisoners

By Dror Ladin, Aclu.org  -

Thanks to an ACLU victory in federal court, we know much more about how CIA doctors violated the medical oath to “do no harm.” One of the most important lessons of the CIA’s torture program is [...]

Striking XPO Port Truck Drivers Rally In Los Angeles, San Diego

By Staff, Teamster.org -

(CALIFORNIA) – Port truck drivers for XPO Logistics Inc. who are on strike held rallies in Los Angeles and San Diego and demanded the company end the rampant day-to-day abuse of drivers. The [...]

Now More Than Ever, It Is Imperative That Local Elected Officials Step Up To Defend Our Communities.

By Staff, Reformtransform.org -

For too long, communities across the country have lived with the reality of harmful policing practices and a punitive legal system that relies heavily on criminalization, rather than on crime [...]

DE-NJ NLG Prisoners’ Legal Advocacy Network (PLAN) Mounts Legal Responses to Widespread Reports of Prisoner Abuses In The Aftermath Of The 2018 National Prison Strike

From August 21, 2018 to September 9, 2018, prisoners across the country participated in a peaceful strike to protest steadily deteriorating conditions of confinement in United States prisons. [...]

Most Recent Deaths At East Baton Rouge Jail Could Have Been Avoided

By Teresa Matthew, Theappeal.org -

Paul Cleveland once showed up at his niece’s door with a pork roast because he was worried she had run out of groceries. He had an extra mobile home on his property, and would let near-strangers [...]

Neglect & Abuse Of Unaccompanied Children By U.S. Customs And Border Protection

By Staff, Aclusandiego.org -

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties (“CRCL”) is the agency within DHS that is, according to its own website, responsible for “promoting respect [...]

‘It’s Time for Indian Women to Be Heard’: Promise And Problems Of Tribal Law And Order Act

By Mary Annette Pember, Rewire.news -

Although proponents of the act are disappointed in the DOJ’s limited support of it, they remain hopeful about the future and the potential for such legislation to help Native women. “The Tribal [...]

Woman Who Alleged Assault By Guard Finally Released From Detention

By Tina Vasquez, Rewire.news -

A Salvadoran woman who came forward four months ago with allegations of sexual assault by a guard has been released from the T. Don Hutto detention center in Taylor, Texas, where her abuser [...]

Audit Finds Detainee Abuse At Immigration Prisons

By Kevin Gosztola, mintpressnews.com -

The inspector general for the Homeland Security Department conducted unannounced inspections of six immigrant detention facilities overseen by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). It [...]

Quaint Baltimore Seafood Business Masks Shocking Labor Abuses

By Bruce Vail, www.inthesetimes.com -

By Bruce Vail for In These Times - Phillips Seafood is a Baltimore-based company that trades on its historic connections to the Chesapeake Bay blue crab fishery. The signature dish at its [...]

Punishment For Human Rights Abusers Is Irrevocable Achievement For Argentine Society

By Daniel Gutman, www.nationofchange.org -

By Daniel Gutman for Nation of Change - What at first was terrible news that outraged a large proportion of Argentine society, who see the conviction and imprisonment of dictatorship-era human [...]

Rasmea Odeh Accepts Plea Agreement With No Prison Time

By Hatem Abudayyeh, www.stopfbi.net -

By Hatem Abudayyeh for Stop FBI - After living in this country for over 20 years, Rasmea was charged in 2013 with an immigration violation that was always just a pretext for a broader attempt to [...]

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