Bolivia Remains Relentless Against Coup Plotters

By Alejandra Garcia, Resumen. -

October 20 Bolivia will mark two years since what became the preamble to a violent and bloody coup d’état against former president Evo Morales (2006-2019). On that day, as the people went to the [...]

‘Business Improvement Districts’ Privatize Policing Of Public Space

By Tyler Walicek, Truthout. -

Woven into the municipal fabric of the U.S. is a little-known mechanism of privatization and corporate control: the Business Improvement District (BID). In hundreds of urban centers, invisible [...]

Reporting A Federal Crime

By John Kiriakou, Consortium News. -

I tried to report a crime last week.  It was a serious crime, too.  Rather, it was a whole bunch of federal crimes.  It was impossible to find anybody interested. Let me start at the [...]

PG&E Charged In California Wildfire Last Year That Killed Four

By Olga R. Rodriguez, Associated Press. -

San Francisco - Pacific Gas & Electric was charged Friday with involuntary manslaughter and other crimes after its equipment sparked a Northern California wildfire that killed four people and [...]

Jail Killer Drone Operators Instead Of Drone Whistleblowers

By Ann Wright, Popular Resistance. -

For decades the U.S. has been murdering innocent civilians, including U.S. citizens, in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, Mali and who knows where else.   Not one person in the [...]

Healthy Group Accountability: Learning How To Learn

By Michael Strom And Joshua Kahn Russell, Organizing Upgrade. -

A team of facilitators from our organization, The Wildfire Project, was invited to support a base-building group whose staff was absolutely burnt out. Our first workshop brought their staff [...]

Career Cop Admits Police Are Trained To Lie In Reports

By Jack Burns, The Freethought Project. -

Before the age of computers and body cameras, citizens were forced into court proceedings with an attitude of, “It was my side of the story against the cops. Who do you think the jury is going to [...]

Lawmakers Are ‘Horrified’ And Calling For Action On Prison Abuse

Lawmakers and advocates are calling for outside oversight of the Illinois Department of Corrections after a WBEZ investigation revealed a pattern of alleged beatings by guards in an area of [...]

Judge Tosses Frivolous Lawsuit By Heiress Seeking To Destroy The Grayzone

By Max Blumenthal And Ben Norton, The Grayzone. -

The District of Columbia Superior Court has rejected a frivolous, million-dollar lawsuit claiming libel, defamation, and tortious conspiracy filed by writer Sulome Anderson against The Grayzone’s [...]

Perverted Prison Justice

By John Kiriakou, Consortium News. -

There are common ways in which the prisoner is stymied in his attempt to file a complaint.  The filing of every form is time sensitive.  So the warden and others will withhold their responses, [...]

The Culture Of Vehicular Attacks: On The Murder Of Deona Marie Erickson

By CrimethInc, It's Going Down. -

On June 13, a driver attacked a demonstration in Minneapolis, killing Deona Marie Erickson. This is the result of years of right-wing efforts to normalize—and even legalize—vehicular attacks. Now [...]

Lying Cops Still On Duty Despite Brady List

By Marlanna Bullock, Liberation News. -

Almost 200 Washington state law enforcement officers have been placed on the Brady list, a list of officers who may not be considered trustworthy in a court of law. USA Today in an extensive [...]

For The First Time, Big Oil Is Held Liable For Climate Change

By Paola Rosa-Aquino, New York Magazine. -

A Dutch court on Wednesday ruled Royal Dutch Shell must dramatically reduce its carbon emissions because of its contributions to climate change, the first time a fossil-fuel company has been held [...]

Venezuela Reiterates Its Commitment To Human Rights And Justice

By José Luis Granados Ceja, Venezuelanalysis. -

Mexico City, Mexico - The Venezuelan Attorney General’s Office submitted an updated report to the International Criminal Court (ICC) on April 30 detailing its efforts to address alleged human [...]

First 100 Days: Has Biden Kept His Promises To Black America?

By Dr. Amara Eniya and Maurice Mitchell, NewsOne. -

Last week, Vice President Kamala Harris agreed with South Carolina Senator Tim Scott that the United States is not a racist country. Generations throughout history have made it plain that all our [...]