In Times Of Rapid Change, Victory Comes To Those Who Train For It

By George Lakey, Waging Nonviolence. -

One of the gifts of the Black Lives Matter movement is that it doesn’t pretend that a quick fix will solve the problem. The many signs of change — from NASCAR giving up the Confederate flag to [...]

Secretive Police Unit Gathers Information On Maine Citizens

By Megan Gray, Press Herald. -

A secretive unit of the Maine State Police does gather information about groups and organizations even when they are not suspected of crimes, including people who are participating in protests, a [...]

Fortress On A Hill: Interview With Kevin Zeese

By Danny Sjursen, Fortress on a Hill. -

Kevin Zeese of Popular Resistance stops by the podcast to discuss his path to becoming an activist during protests in the 60’s and 70’s, what he’s learned from Ralph Nader, police brutality and [...]

When Activist Burnout Was A Problem 50 Years Ago, This Group Found A Solution

By George Lakey, Waging Nonviolence. -

“I’m throwin’ in the towel,” he said in a tone of resignation. I’d been away for a while and didn’t expect this. I started to interrupt, but he went right on speaking. “The shootings, man. [...]

Adventures In Digital Organizing

By Kelly Hayes, Truthout. -

Welcome to movement memos, a Truthout podcast about things you should know if you want to change the world. I’m your host, Kelly Hayes. Today’s guest is Mariame Kaba. Mariame is an abolitionist [...]

To Fight Neoliberalism In Cities, Planners Must Work With Activists

By Rachel Bondra, -

I was surprised, in my first week of class as a graduate student in urban planning, to hear the death knell of my chosen field. In an unco-ordinated move, each of my professors at CUNY Hunter [...]

On Contact: The New Republic

By Chris Hedges, RT. -

On the show this week, Chris Hedges talks to D. D. Guttenplan, the editor of the Nation, about the history of populism in America, its current rise and the problem of democracy. His new [...]

COVID-19 Chronicles: How The World Will Change After The Coronavirus

By Frank Barat, Popular Resistance -

COVID-19 Chronicles are a series of interviews and conversations with personalities, analysts, doctors, thinkers, activists and politicians on the meaning of the coronavirus crisis and its [...]

In A Pandemic, Climate Activists Reevaluate Their Tactics

By Judy Fahys, Inside Climate News. -

Until the coronavirus crisis exploded in the United States, Cherise Udell was helping to organize a national climate-action training aimed at mobilizing as many as 11 million people to fight for [...]

HOLY SH*T! 7 Things To Do Instead Of Hoarding Toilet Paper

By Rae Abileah and Nadine Bloch, -

We’re facing down a global pandemic. If you find yourself saying “Holy shit! What do I do?!” you’re not alone. A renegade bug is showing how deeply broken our system is. Beyond the absolutely [...]

I’m A Youth Organizer. Stop Getting In My Way

By Maggie Di Sanza, -

I have been a youth activist and organizer for most of my high school career, planning rallies and marches, conducting educational outreach, and lobbying against archaic legislation. Here's a [...]

Parents Become Activists In The Fight Over South Portland’s Petroleum Tanks

By Sabrina Shankman, -

SOUTH PORTLAND—Sometimes, grassroots activism looks obvious, with bold signs and public acts of disobedience. Sometimes, it looks like this: 14 people sitting on the carpeted floor of a sunny [...]

‘Frontline Farmers’: Highlights From 50 Years Of Agrarian Activism

By Lois Ross, -

Depending on the reader's knowledge of agrarian activism in Canada, Frontline Farmers is either an insightful reminder of various campaigns and struggles, or an excellent introduction to [...]

Local Activism Can’t Be Crushed, Research Finds. At Most, It Changes Target

By Staff, -

According to received wisdom, local activism against the establishment of industrial plants follows a cycle, with its highest intensity a short time after mobilization. If a firm stands, activism [...]

Practicing 20/20 Vision – Learning From The Past To Gain Clarity On The Future

By Ananda Lee Tan, -

This is a fine week to start working on ways to dismantle the systems of those who wish to be Masters of the Universe. Over this past year, they have caused much pain, much struggle, much [...]