Voting Matters, But Staying Engaged Matters More

By Jill Richardson, Other Words. -

After Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed, my Facebook feed filled up with people telling one another to vote in the midterms. “If you don’t like what’s happening in America, vote!” they said. And [...]

Decolonizing Society: The Legacy Of 1968

By Mehmet Döşemeci and Jennifer Thomson, -

Fifty years on, we need a return to the anti-imperialist ethos that enabled the activists of ’68 to engage in a shared struggle against a common enemy. Members of the Weather Underground, a [...]

Disobedient Art Can Win The Fight Against Artwashing

By Staff, -

As artists and cultural workers we’ve chosen to undermine the power of the fossil fuel industry in our own backyard directly. We’ve put our focus on confronting artwashing, which is basically [...]

Fighting Absolutism With Activism

By Eleanor Goldfield, -

It’s not perfect. It’s not what I recall seeing in the Utopian slideshows at sustainability workshops and green living festivals: where impossibly white towers laced with ivy and peppered with [...]

No Justice Without Love

By Frances Lee, -

As an intersectional activist who is concerned about the future of our movements, I’m really worried that social justice activism in the West is stuck in a dangerous state of disrepair. [...]

Gun Control Activists Marching 50 Miles To Smith & Wesson HQ

By Phillip Marcelo, -

WORCESTER, Mass. (AP) — Gun control advocates, including one of the survivors of the Parkland, Florida, school shooting and the parents of one of the victims, are marching 50 miles (80 [...]

The Landmark Monsanto Verdict May Not Have Been Possible Without Activism And Alternative Media

By Matt Agorist, -

On Friday, a landmark case against Monsanto’s Roundup weedkiller concluded in San Francisco in which a jury awarded $289 million in damages to a former school groundskeeper, Dewayne Johnson, [...]

Berkeley Police Under Fire For Publishing Anti-Fascist Activists’ Names And Photos

By Sam Levin, -

Unusual release of arrested demonstrators’ identities could fuel harassment and abuse, experts and activists say. Berkeley police have arrested more than a dozen anti-fascist activists and posted [...]

[Act Out! 172] – Joyful Militancy Or Building Thriving Resistance In Toxic Times

By Eleanor Goldfield, -

Activism so often gets the bad rep of being all about sacrificing – all about pain and struggle – never about joy. And yet as we find ourselves in a culture that preaches escapism, demands [...]

Community Museum Showcases Washington, DC’s Long History Of Activism

By Sarah Freeman-Woolpert, -

One of the most unique and vital museums in the Smithsonian network can be found in the heart of Washington, D.C.’s Anacostia neighborhood, a place long-neglected by government funds and all but [...]

2017 Was Deadliest Year For Environmental Activism: Report

By Charlotte Mitchell, -

At least 207 activists were killed, with Brazil, the Philippines and Colombia named as the most dangerous countries. Nearly four land and environmental activists were killed each week in 2017, [...]

How To Build A Movement For Transformational Change

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, Popular Resistance -

In recent years, people have asked us what they should be doing to build an effective movement that can create transformational change. In response to these questions, Popular Resistance created [...]

Activists Calling For The Abolition Of ICE Blocking Seattle Streets Outside Of Homeland Security Building

Seattle, WA – Early yesterday morning, activists with Northwest Detention Center Resistance and Mijente locked down outside of 1000 2nd Avenue in downtown Seattle, Washington, calling attention [...]

Activists Hijack Annual Meeting Of Oil Company

By Mark Sweney, -

More than 250 Greenpeace activists hijacked Total’s annual shareholders’ meeting in Paris to protest at the oil company’s plans to drill in the mouth of the Amazon and French Guiana. Four [...]

Tracking The Battles For Environmental Justice: Here Are The World’s Top 10

By Julie Snorek, -

Environmental justice activism is to this age what the workers’ movement was for the industrial age - one of the most influential social movements of its time. Yet, despite its consistent [...]