Scheer Intelligence: Lawrence Ferlinghetti

By Robert Scheer, -

Ninety-seven-year-old Lawrence Ferlinghetti was one of the founders of the paperback bookstore City Lights in San Francisco, as well as publisher and champion of beat poets and writers including [...]

Kevin Zeese: A Giant In The World Of Activism

By Andrea Merida Cuellar and Robert Smith, -

The Hawkins/Walker campaign is very sad to report that our Press Secretary, comrade-in-arms and brother, Kevin Zeese, passed away last night. He was 64 years old. “I lost a friend. All of us [...]

Remembrance Of Malcolm X On His 84th Birthday

By Michael Smith, -

I heard Malcolm speak when he came to The University of Wisconsin in 1963.  He had yet to break with The Nation of Islam and was protected by several of their bodyguards.  All were dressed [...]