The Fight For Justice Takes Its Toll On Ferguson Activists

By Joe Penny, -

Ferguson activist Melissa Mckinnies sat on her couch, her hair tied in a bun, and spoke deliberately, in a soft, hushed tone. The shades were drawn. On October 17, Mckinnies had woken to a [...]

Harassment And Intimidation Of Colombian Peace Activists “Lazos de Dignidad”

By Staff, -

The Alliance for Global Justice is concerned about harassment and intimidation that is being experienced by Colombia’s legal collective Fundación Lazos de Dignidad (FLD – Links of Dignity [...]

U.S. Peace Delegation To Iran Welcomed By Foreign Minister, Met By FBI Agents On Return

By Sharmini Peries, -

It is International Women’s Day here at The Real News Network. It’s marking the 90th anniversary of the first National Women’s Day in the U.S. that took place in New York City in 1909. [...]

Berta Caceres’ Daughter Demands Justice For Mother’s Murder On Death Anniversary

By Staff, -

The daughter of slain land and water rights activist, Berta Caceres says her mother’s murder must be brought to justice, including indicting the European banks that financed the Agua Zarca [...]

Mitchel Cohen Takes On Global And Local Goliaths: Profile Of A Lifelong Multi-Movement Organizer

By Jonah Raskin, -

If there are leaders who stand out in a disciplined crowd or an unruly mob, there also those who are led, sometimes in a sheep-like way, until they bolt for The Dark Side, whether it’s outright [...]

‘Resistance Can Be Fun’: Angela Davis Speaks In Alabama After Award Snub

By Abbey Crain, -

“I have never loved Birmingham as much as I love Birmingham tonight,” Dr. Angela Davis said to a crowd at Boutwell Auditorium in downtown Birmingham. Davis was greeted with a standing ovation, [...]

Dozens Drop To The Floor In Mass ‘Die-In’ At Brighton Shopping Centre

By Isabella Cipirska, -

A group of more than 80 local environmental activists staged a mass ‘die-in’ in a Brighton shopping centre yesterday to underline the threat of human extinction from climate change. Dressed all [...]

NYPD Surveilled Of Black Lives Matter Protesters And Keeps Their Records

By George Joseph, -

It was Martin Luther King Jr. Day in 2015. Black Lives Matter protests were still erupting across the country, and M.J. Williams, a lawyer and activist, was excited to get more involved. The [...]

How Tre Arrow Became America’s Most Wanted Environmental “Terrorist”

By Jeffrey St. Clair and Joshua Frank, -

That Tre Arrow, a tree-hugging vegan who espouses non-violence and lives by the airy and nebulous philosophy of Gaia, would top the FBI’s Most Wanted list, only reaffirms the notion that the [...]

Activists Who Crawled Into Fracked Gas Pipeline Found Guilty In Narrow Ruling, Granted Unconditional Release

By Staff, -

Cortlandt, New York – On January 8, 2019, Cortlandt Town Justice Kimberly Ragazzo found three New Yorkers — Rebecca Berlin, David Publow, and Janet González — guilty of trespass, rejecting the [...]

They Rescued Pigs And Turkeys From Factory Farms — And Now Face Decades In Prison

By Leighton Akio Woodhouse, Pedro Armando Aparicio, and David Zlutnick, -

IN THE FALL of 2017, Glenn Greenwald reported on a nationwide FBI manhunt for two pigs named Lily and Lizzie. The pigs had been removed from a factory farm in Utah by animal rights activists from [...]

Confronted By Black Lives Matter Activist, Tennessee Governor Says He’s Considering Clemency For Cyntoia Brown

By Michael Harriot, -

Questioned by a Black Lives Matter activist during a recent speaking engagement, Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam announced that his office is considering offering clemency to Cyntoia Brown, a sex [...]

Activists Denied Entry To Poland For Climate Summit

By Natalie Sauer, Climate Change News. -

Members of the network attributed this to Poland’s controversial anti-terror legislation passed ahead of the UN climate summit Cop24, which gives authorities the power to “collect, obtain, [...]

Fred Hampton’s Boyhood House Saved From Foreclosure — For Now

By Michael Romain, -

The childhood home of slain Black Panther leader Fred Hampton, 804 S. 17th Ave. in Maywood, will not be up for auction this week, as was originally scheduled, buying community leaders some more [...]

Peace Activists’ Best Hope? The Sunrise Climate Movement

By Patrick Walker, -

Let’s start by facing a crucial fact: both major U.S. political parties love war. In fact, they love it so much that they’re completely willing to sacrifice a livable climate – and human [...]