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Cliff Durand Presente!

The San Miguel de Allende community joins social justice activists around the world to mourn the passing of Dr Cliff Durand, who died peacefully at home with his beloved wife Julie and their two dogs, after a short illness. Cliff leaves a huge legacy and an international reputation for his fearless, tireless and relentless efforts to create a more just and equitable world. An inspirational activist-leader, this giant of a man was a gentle and humble conversationalist; an insatiable learner; a whole-hearted and encouraging teacher; a critical thinker with a huge intellect; and a loving husband, father and grandfather.

Drop All Charges Against Activists And Protestors

I add my voice to the millions here in our country and throughout the world who call for an end to fascist-driven police violence and repression in Black, Latinx and Indigenous communities. Whether we call for community control, defunding, or ultimate abolition of the police, we are united in our demand for an immediate end to the state-sanctioned racist violence that routinely claims the lives of so many of our people. Although many of us have protested, demonstrated, and organized over the decades to end racism and all its inequalities, injustices and collective pain, we have never experienced anything like the massive uprisings of the current moment.

Activists Are Reclaiming Jails As Community-Operated Social Service Facilities

Jails have emerged as a key focal point of the struggle against mass incarceration. Several trends are in motion at the same time. In jurisdictions like New York and Los Angeles, grassroots-led struggles have closed facilities and blocked others from being built. By contrast, in many rural areas, local authorities are manipulating the opioid crisis and bail reform into a jail-building platform.

Activists Urging Barclays To ‘Stop Funding The Climate Emergency’ Shut Down Nearly 100 Branches Across UK

In a coordinated action to pressure Barclays to stop financing climate destruction, Greenpeace activists on Monday morning shut down 97 of the British investment bank's branches across the United Kingdom. "Barclays must stop funding the climate emergency; that's why we've taken action today," Morten Thaysen, climate finance campaigner at Greenpeace U.K., said in a statement.

Grand Jury Refuses Felonies For Greenpeace Activists And Others Charged In Houston Oil Industry Protest

Houston, Texas — Today, a grand jury refused to issue felony indictments against the Greenpeace USA activists and others charged following the peaceful protest on September 12, 2019 at the Houston Ship Channel [1]. Thirty-one people had been charged with a felony by the Harris County District Attorney’s Office under Texas’ controversial new anti-protest law, but none were indicted on this charge by a Harris County grand jury.

Anatomy Of A Hunger Strike: A Prisoner Speaks

Many protests against mass incarceration have taken place on the streets of U.S. cities over the last decade. Many resistance struggles have also been waged by individuals or groups of prisoners inside the prison walls, often without any support from or knowledge of by people or press on the outside.

Released At Last: Welcome Home, Move 9 Member Chuck Africa!

Imprisoned since he was only 18, Charles Sims Africa was finally released from Pennsylvania’s SCI Fayette on Feb. 7. The youngest and the last of the MOVE 9 to be paroled, Chuck, now 59 and recovering from cancer, was first eligible for parole in 2008 — after 30 years of incarceration.

Embassy Protectors Will Not Be Able To Tell Jury Guaido Is Not President, Or Mention International Law

On February 4, Chief Judge Beryl A. Howell issued a ruling on what the jurors will be allowed to be told in the trial of the Embassy Protectors scheduled to begin on February 11. She granted most of the government’s requests to prevent the jury from hearing important facts about the case, leaving the protectors with little in the way of a defense. The courtroom will not be an oasis of truth in Washington, DC. The fact that Nicolas Maduro is the lawful president of Venezuela, not the coup leader Juan Guaido, cannot be uttered in that courtroom.

BP Headquarters Blocked By Greenpeace

Greenpeace members have blocked BP's headquarters with solar panels and oil barrels to mark the first day of the oil giant's new chief executive. More than a hundred environmental activists took 500 solar panels to the central London building at 3am today (Wednesday) as Bernard Looney prepared to take up his new role.

Embassy Protection Collective: ‘We Are Not The Ones Who Violated The Law’

Four Embassy Protector Collective members are being prosecuted in Washington DC’s federal court for “interfering with the protective functions of the US Department of State.” The Trump administration is arguing that our refusal to leave interfered with the government’s ability to protect the embassy. The trial will begin on February 11 and could last approximately one week. The maximum penalties are up to one year in jail and up to a US $100,000 fine each.

Judge Reverses Convictions Of No More Deaths Volunteers

TUCSON, AZ – On January 31st, United States District Judge Rosemary Márquez reversed the convictions of four No More Deaths volunteers. The volunteers were convicted in January 2019 of multiple misdemeanor charges stemming from their humanitarian aid work on the Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge (CPNWR) during the summer of 2017 in an area known as the “trail of death.”

A Seven-Mile Gas Pipeline Outside Albany Has Activists Up In Arms

For 40 years, Mary Dugan has watched her hometown of East Greenbush, New York, transform from a sleepy rural community into a bustling Albany suburb, its once solitary forests now peppered with stripmalls and daily traffic jams. It's a transition Dugan hasn't minded. But when the utility company that supplies gas to the region proposed tearing up the road a mile from her one-story ranch to install a new pipeline...

Blocking Trains And Removing Coal, Climate Activists Fight To Close One Of New England’s Largest Power Plants

By escalating from symbolic actions to obstruction, the #NoCoalNoGas campaign is mounting a serious challenge to the fossil fuel industry with a growing network of climate activists. Under cover of darkness, dozens of climate activists snuck into the forest in the small town of Harvard, Massachusetts. The air was buzzing with nervous excitement as the group filed along a dirt path next to the railroad tracks, carrying heavy metal scaffolding.

Trump Prosecutors Make Move To Ensure That Embassy Protectors Are Convicted

As the trial approaches, the lawyers for the Trump Administration’s  prosecution of the four Venezuelan Embassy Protectors who were arrested last May are asking the court to make sure the jury is kept ignorant about the facts and circumstances surrounding the actions of the protectors. In a recently filed motion by government lawyers, state prosecutors are seeking to severely restrict what can be discussed during the trial  scheduled for February 11, 2020. Judge Beryl Howell will hear arguments on the motion at the pre-trial hearing on January 29.

Despite Community Protest, Militarized Police Remove Housing Rights Activists From Oakland Home In Pre-Dawn Raid

Members of the advocacy group "Moms 4 Housing" were forceably evicted from a home they were occupying in Oakland early Tuesday morning by armored police, hours after community members turned out in force to show support for the coalition of homeless and marginally housed mothers pushing to end the housing crisis in the Bay Area. "We've built a movement of thousands of Oaklanders who showed up at a moments notice to reject police violence and advocate for homes for families," the group's Twitter account said shortly after the arrests Tuesday.
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